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After over a year of getting to know many of you here at D*I*Y Planner, I owe it to everyone to announce personally that "Captain Levenger" is hanging up his cape.

It was a difficult decision to walk away from a company for which I care a great deal - full of great folks on both sides of the counter. However, I accepted a new position that will challenge me to help global companies with their methods for generating genuine, transparent conversations with customers in emergent digital environments. There are many good companies out there that want to participate online, but are uncertain how to take their first steps. I intend to guide them toward responsible and ethical interactions that add value to the living web.

I have learned more from this community than pr0dnographic hacking, cracking, and creativity; there is a real sense of caring and mutual respect between contributors that makes this site a home.

I am grateful to have been welcomed here as an ambassador from Levenger, and for all of the support and encouragement offered by many of you that I will continue to consider friends. ;)

Thus, this forum topic has been posted in the New Member category. I look forward to re-joining the community as someone passionate about paper and productivity (with a tendency toward fast-prototyping with a Dremel tool and a Flickr account.)

Thank you,
Ryan Rasmussen

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Good luck in all your

Good luck in all your endeavours and I look forward to seeing the organizer "fanboy" side of you emerge.

Thanks Ryan for all the work

Thanks Ryan for all the work and advice you contributed here at DIY Planner. I have never posted anything directed to you but I have read many of your posts and viewed your Flickr photo sets and learned quite a bit.

Thanks again for all that you did here!


Congrats and thank you


I know we've spoken about this several times off the website, but I wanted to reiterate how lucky we have been to have you, your thoughts and insights on this forum. You have been amazing at wrangling all the questions about Levenger and their products for us and our members. You really did push beyond what your Levenger duties were and anyone who has hired you is darned lucky to get ya! We are totally in your debt for all that you have done here.

I wish you tons of luck in your new endeavor and know that you will pioneer great things in transparent and collaborative product design. It's a really good place for you to be.

Here's to what the future holds for you. We look forward to new discussions and hopefully some that don't revolve around your old duties at Levenger. ;) I know I'd love to hear more from you as far as what you do and use to keep your many hats organized!


What Innowen said, Ryan

I join the others in wishing you the very best in your future endeavors, Ryan.

Last summer a friend and I were in Chicago, and spent about a half hour traipsing up and down in Marshall Fields (I know, I know -- Macy's, but I'm a short,fat, old Midwesterner, and it's always going to be Marshall Fields to me!), only to find that you were on lunch break. Almost had a mutiny on my hands - my friend borders on cranky - but after a couple of minutes of pummelling he quieted right down.


Ryan Thanks for letting us


Thanks for letting us know. I've always enjoyed our chats, and even talking with you over the phone recently!

I've also appreciated your honesty and transparency about your presence here. I think you led the way in this kind of interaction with both existing and potential customers.

Your new company is very fortunate to have you as you bring to them experience in what I think is still a relatively new area of customer service.

I look forward to your continued presence here, as one of us.


Ryan was always "One of Us"

... and will, hopefully, remain One of Us

But I will miss not having an ear on the inside at Levenger's

Best of luck in your endeavors, Ryan.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Best to you!

I agree, Ryan. You have been an awesome advocate for Levenger and an intermediary extraordinaire. Best of luck in your new venture. That company is luckeeeee to have you!

"To fly, we must have resistance."


Will somebody from Levenger be filling your role here? I know that the Circa line benefited greatly from your collaboration with us.
I think the pen line could also benefit by communicating with us. I wouldn't call us cutting edge, but I would say that we readily accept and generate new Ideas that any company would be foolish not to exploit.

On another topic if, I were you I'd never let on that that your new username was ever Captain Levenger.

The man and the position are not the same

The work that Ryan did was NOT affiliated with either DIY Planner nor Levenger. Ryan did it because he had a love for both the products and the idea of collaborating with "consumers" to create a better product and customer service base. His work here was done on his own and for that, the admins (me, doug, etc) are very grateful for all the help he DID put forth.

That said, I guess it's up to Levenger (if anyone from the company is out there and reading this board) to decide whether or not they want to put someone else here.


(And his user name was never "Captain Levenger". It was a nickname that a few forum people gave to him in honor of his help and service to this communitiy).


What an exciting opportunity for you, Ryan.


Best of luck in your new career!

Thank you for your support of and all of us. I thank you personally for helping me out with some of my Levenger orders too. You were one of the reasons why I had much respect for the company. You'll surely do well for your new employers/clients!

Take care, ganbatte kudasai!


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai


Good luck to you at your new company. I'm glad you're sticking around here, though. We'd miss you.

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So, um, where can I send my

So, um, where can I send my application for your old job? :) I have so many ideas I'd like to see levenger turn into products.

On a somewhat more serious note, good luck with your new position!!!

I am so late~ Best wishes,

I am so late~ Best wishes, Ryan! I will always remember your sincerity and professionalism during our communication regarding my Levenger problems. Looking forward to hearing from you here.
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oh my ryan

i seem to have left my congratulations to you under another topic when someone mentioned you were leaving levengers (the topic 'it's too quiet around here, where is everyone')

congratulations on your new job. May it be all you wish for, and may you be appreciated and assisted in every way, and visa versa

thank you,