John Adams' Bag??

Has anyone been watching the John Adams show on HBO?

If so, I am hoping somebody can help me out by pointing me to where I can purchase a bag similar or the same as the bag he carries in the show.
I tried posting this before with a link to a picture but I think it got in the spam filter.


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spell the link out jg


spell the link out jg, like this

strangepaperlovers dot com



Hopefully this works as the link.

www dot monstersandcritics dot com/image dot php?file=/downloads/downloads/articles/1396330/article_images/johnadams18.jpg&height=167

It looks like a small leather satchel or messenger bag to me...

Something like Levenger's Stanley Compact Traveler Briefbag, but thinner, or Bomber Jacket Messenger? Hard to tell from the photo since Adams' arm is obscuring part of it.

Not endorsing Levenger, just used their online catalog for examples. :-)


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