A 6-ring 3x5

Dividers are from a pack of tabbed Rolodex brand from staples. I change the headings around as I find what is useful, currently Remember, Shopping, Follow-up, Ideas and Do It. Do It is at the back as that’s the part I hate most. I cut out a narrow vertical clear plastic tab out of scrap to go in front of Shopping. I cribbed the blue notepaper from some sheets left in the binder into Photoshop, having to make a new template as couldn’t get it to scan well, then formatted using diy 3x5 template for size and printing. Chopped them up and messed around with my regular punch settings for the holes. Later I bit for nice 24 lb. paper, makes a great difference. Like this thin Zebra gel pen from Staples. This is fantastic binder such joyful colours, found on ebay someone selling gift as didn’t like the colours! Has slots in front for appointments and pocket in back for papers and the pen loop and sturdy snap. I keep it by computer and phone and carry it everywhere.

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Wow, that is lovely! I wish

Wow, that is lovely! I wish I could figure out what I want/need without carrying around too much! Way to go and thanks for the pics.

Very nice!

I am currently in a organizational hiatus. Everything has changed again in my life and chaos is reigning supreme. Thank you for sharing what works for you :) I find it helpful and inspiring to see what others use and find helpful.

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chaos change

A change is good and an occasional chaos is freedom...hehe

Duc Ly


It has been odd... not keeping track of things or feeling organized... but occasionally i have horrible fits of disorganization when a bill is due or something completely escapes my meshed brain... lol. i need the safety of a planner and organization again :) and i miss you guys!

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I feel your pain

I missed paying an ebill last month and still am not sure how I missed it. I try to be as organized as possible but sometimes MISS HAPPENS. I am thinking of retiring next year and started to get sad about all my cool notebooks and accessories. I suppose I will still use them in my adjunct teaching at the university but the BIG push of life will be modified. Sniff.

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Thanks for comments. :) I am

Thanks for comments. :) I am really struggling to get myself organized again. What I did for many years hasn't worked for a couple of years to say the least. I spent $30 on an A5 because I thought I would love the colours but I hated the light blue cover so much nothing happened for a while. It also has such tiny rings you can't put anything in it. I never thought to ask about ring size : learn the hard way. Anyway, I do like the 2 page a month calendar layout so now have forced myself to like it and use it just for that, and got the pocket sheets to put all my medical, car and so on cards in. It is becoming quite useful as just an appointment kind of book, as has gorgeous yellow inside with lots of front slots for appointment cards, stands out on my table so clued-in to look at it. That way don't need to look at the outside. I'd never carry it anywhere, so especially glad I had already found this little one. I write down anything in it and if an appointment, just write it in the calendar pages at home.