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I. Introduction

What is mercury?

What effect does it have on people and animals?

How does it spread?

There will be information and details on past mercury accidents throughout the U.S.A.

II. Problem

The risks people are taking by having a mercury thermometer inside their house.

We are taking risks by discarding mercury’s in our landfills.

As more people become sick from fever thermometers some precautions are taken.

There is cure and we are making sure that everyone hear about it.

III. Solution

The problem needs to be made public

The people needs to stop discarding the mercury’s in landfills in bring it to a hospital for exchange.

The alternative is to use the digital electronic, glass alcohol, and glass galinstan thermometers.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency and a Mercury Reduction and Disposal Act are currently in the U.S senate.

a. The American Academy of pediatrics has advised their employees to phase out the use of Mercury

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