A5 3X5 Cardholder

I use 3X5 cards when I am mobile and a A5 organizer at home or at the office. Every now and then I would like to put these cards in my A5 binder.

3X5 Cards are not so common in Europe as they are in the US, so we have to get creative.

Okay, you can use photo corners, but that’s not the DIY way. In stead of that, I used a heavy paper (200 grams), centred a indexcard on a piece of punched A5 paper and drew two vertical lines across the paper. Then I drew a line under the card at the top, drew a line at the bottom of the paper and one halfway those two horizontal lines.

Then I drew 45 degree lines on the inside of all corners, and cut them out. After that I erased the lines, but for a true DIY-look you can leave them, and put the cards in and after that the cardholder in my organizer.

A picture by picture manual is to be found on my picture site!

Have fun!


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Great idea! Is there

Great idea! Is there anything more fun than playing with paper?


Nice Job Erik! Very creative!