Fillable Weekly Planning Forms

Some more Classic Fillable Forms. Here are Weekly Planning forms, Weekly Planning 1B7 and Weekly Planning 1B8.

These are fillable via Adobe Reader or Preview (Mac). I used the designs on page 23 & page 25 of the D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic Edition) Core Package.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Type your information in and print. If you are going to save any data in the document, save your changes in a new document.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Adobe Reader, Preview, any PDF reading application
Weekly Planning 1B7.pdf75.89 KB
Weekly Planning 1B8.pdf73.07 KB
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Be careful with these

They act a bit weird if you put too much text in any one field. The font size shrinks. If you enter too much text, it will not print.

Otherwise, these are great.
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Thank you

ygor, thanks for making this available on the site. If the shrinking text thing bothers you (D*I*Y Planner community) I can look at fixing the font size.

Love this!!! Any way you can

Love this!!! Any way you can change this for me for weeks starting w/ sunday?


Can't type on Sat/Sun without weird linking

Hi, I love this form! Alas, when I try to type anything in the field for the date (number next to name of days) or boxes that go with Sat/Sun, the typing happens in both places. I'm using Preview on a Mac. Anyway to fix that???