Tie-Wrapster, the cheapest ring-system around!

What can be nicer than DIY templates in a DIY binder?

Inspired by DIY-Sarah's punching hack and the milk-carton binder on the website of Judy of the Woods, I made a small notebook by using tie-wraps. You will find a picture by picture instruction on my picture site.

The tighter the tie-wraps fit in the holes, the better!

Have fune!


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Great DIY!

Nice Job Erik and thanks for submitting the pictures! :)

Thank You!

One of the things that first attracted me to this site was the original, innovative ways people created things out of items on hand. Recently, DIY seems to consist more of assembling things bought from a variety of other sources and maybe including a DIY form or two instead of creating the whole set-up. Not that that's bad...I enjoy my Levenger, too -- it's just nice to see someone still doing creative things with basics!

Cool wrapster!

Thanks Erik! I was starting to feel that no one else did any DIY anymore. It's great to see that I was wrong.

Your wrapster is cute and a very good idea

I like the comment you wrote on the top card. Having fun is what counts!

How secure

are the papers? It looks awesome and would allow me to carry something that I could easily insert into my FC binder. Thanks for the innovative idea!

Quite secure!

The papers are very well secured. If you use a slightly heavier paper, say 120 grams, you can lift your wrapster from the surface and wave it around... It all depends of the tight fit of the holes and the tie-wraps.

Very clever

A most clever idea.... simplicity is our friend. It looks like the pages flip without binding.

Nice idea.

The Passionate Pilgrim
-- Excellence through Simplicity

Tie-wrapster Fobster

It just occurred to me that the ties are so compact that one or two of them would suit a fobster.

Probably just one tie.

A cheaper alternative to Myndology's business card sized notepads