3x5 Leather Note Jotter at Staples


I've been thinking about this for over a year. I didn't realize that my home printer would print on the 3x5 index cards so I never tried.

Anyhow, Staples is selling these black or brown 3 x 5 Leather Note Jotter for 8.99 or 9.99. They are only available in the store and not available online.

I'll take a picture this weekend and email it to someone to post.

I found that I can create a great card using plain old Excel.

I use it for my To Do List, and print up a new one every morning. I'll post it if anyone is interested.

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I use it for my To Do List, and print up a new one every morning. I'll post it if anyone is interested.

Fear not, someone is always interested! ;-)


3 x 5 Leather jotters at Staples - other colors

I've seen the Buxton 3 x 5 version at Staples in black, brown, pink, red, and teal. They're an inexpensive alternative to the Levenger Pocket Briefcase or for use as a trial of the system. I believe there's also a version with a cover & pen loop.

Please post!

Yes please post your Excel 3x5 card template!

Multiple Options

Buxton has made multiple options of 3x5 card holders, and some are vinyl/pleather.

I have a single one (like the pocket briefcase) with two pockets, a double-sided one that holds two cards available for note-taking and two pockets to stash additional cards, and a double-sided that holds cards on one-side and has post-its and sticker-flappers on the other.

Both of the double-sided ones came with pens that slide through two loops to keep it closed.

The single holder is, unfortunately, a little too tight to hold more than one or two spare cards in the pockets.

I think I've seen them at Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax.

I also found a rubber-ish one made by Oxford that's of the pocket briefcase variety.

They're very difficult to find on-line (especially non-leather varieties).

Every one of these was under $10.00.

Buxton also makes some nice desktop 3x5 card holders/dispensers.


3x5 note jotter

I saw the 3x5 note jotter yesterday. My question: why doesn't it have a cover? I no longer wear a jacket & tie, so stuff sometimes gets (unceremoniously) stuffed into my back trouser pocket.

Is there a model with a cover?

Not to rain on the picnic...

I tried but couldn't make these card carriers work for me. Couldn't whittle my card deck to few enough to carry in one of these jotters, and the 'pocket briefcase' style with more than a few cards, and/or as a main wallet ends up too fat ! (EDIT: I'm using cards but it's a stack of about 40 held by a book ring with 3x5 black plastic cover front & back.)