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Hi Doug (or anyone else site-related who's reading this)

I've just been re-reading innowen's article on mindmapping, and in order to read it in its entirety, I've had to return to the search page to find the other parts. This isn't particular to this specific article, but something I've come across in other multipart articles, too. It would be really useful if each part could include links to the other parts as a matter of course. Is this something you might consider adding in future?

Of course it may be that I'm missing something really obvious here, in which case apologies!

Thanks for listening


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Not a bad idea


Like this ?
[Additional Mind Mapping Articles in this series:]
An Intro to Mind Maps
Mind Mapping a Project from Start to Finish
Mind Mapping Resources and Wrap-up

Innowen, I hope you do not mind me adding links like this to the bottom of each of those articles. Did I get them all ?
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nope, thanks for helping. i

nope, thanks for helping. i WILL go back and link all appropriate articles with links tho.


good idea kate, I do try and

good idea kate,

I do try and build in links to the other parts but I do them mostly in the second, third, or last (aka the later articles) articles of the series. I will try and go back and add in links to all my series tho so everyone can reference them a bit better.


Thanks, innowen

but it really wasn't meant to be pointing out an omission of yours in particular. It's something that's absent from other multipart articles, too. Unlike many sites, though I think lots of the D*I*Y pieces will still be relevant, interesting and worth reading for years to come. So the easier it is to find all the parts of something, the better.

Thanks, both of you.


Thank you and i agree with

Thank you and i agree with the sentiment that the articles here are relevant for years to come. (I'd like to think that things we've written in the past are still read by new comers). However, drupal tends to be a bit clunky on this whole category thing. It sorts and allows for article topics but yes, it does take awhile to dig through the plethora of goodies we have here.