Help needed with making my own calendar pages

I am using instructions and OpenOffice the best I can to change Kevin Sonnenberg's 2-pages-per-week "Dated Weekly Calendar" into a design I like better.

It was painstaking work, but I managed to get everything on page 1 just how I like it! (Attached.)

I thought it'd be best to start with a single perfect page, then expand it into the whole multiple-page calendar. (Otherwise, I'd have to somehow delete things AROUND numbers, while also moving those numbers, on Sonnenberg's .odg file.)

So, "Copy page," "Paste page," I clicked. I, one at a time, replaced numbers next to each day of the week.

Then "Copy page," "Paste page," I clicked again. Repeat.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is going to take FOREVER this way. (Attached.)

Is that really how DIY planner template designers make a whole year out of a calendar? Is there some way I haven't found for taking a blank, single-page .odg file full of lines and boxes but no numbers and filling that out with numbers proper for the year in question?

Or when atwoodings said he "updated" Kevin Sonnenberg's .odg file "for 2008," did he...yikes...go through clicking textboxes and typing in different numbers by hand?

Thank you,

What I Started With.odg14.04 KB
How Far I Got.odg20.85 KB
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What you started with + mail merge

Mouse over here and peruse the mail merge doc.

Then, get your spreadsheet 'o dates ready, along with the "What I started with.odg" and run!

Good luck and it looks nice.

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