Quick Tips: 5 Different Uses for the Source template

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to pull a card out of the D*I*Y Planner Templates Kit and give you 5 new ways of using that card. Today we’re going to take a look at the Source template. The way I see this card is that it's an super buff and more flexible version of the Address Card. It's design allows you to either list an individual contact or a grouping of places or people. And with a little bit of imagination you can use this template for the following:

  • A bibliography card for students working on term papers. List the book’s title in the name field, the publication data in the address, the year in the account field, etc. You can list what the source was used for in the Note field.
  • An all in one tracker for your Photography studio. Use the name and address for each person or company contact and the notes area for costs or contract information. The hours field can be used to denote when the store or agency is open for business or accepting calls.
  • Contact tracker for writers. Use this template to list publications you want to submit pieces to or agents to contact. The Notes area can be filled up with works sent to the publications or comments on agency responses to inquiry.
  • A craftster’s guide to getting the best items. Knitters, scrapbookers and assemblage artists can use this template to track their favorite stores or websites on where to get the best fibers or art supplies.
  • PodCasters can use this source card to keep track of potential interviewers. There’s a lot of good podcasts out there and I know a few peeps who need ways to track all the people they want to interview for future episodes. This Source template is perfect for that.

This has been my Quick Tips creative re-visioning of the Source Card. If you liked this type of post, please let me know and I’ll try and integrate more in between my normal creative meanderings and instructions. I know that when version 3.0 of the new D*I*Y Planner Kits come out, I’ll be sure to find new and useful ways to “abuse” the forms Doug carefully plotted out for us all.

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A valuable approach

I think this is a great idea. Instead of giving in to the wish to build a new template for every new idea or use that comes along, it can be very helpful to look at existing templates and find new uses for them.

If nothing else, this approach can help clarify what information is needed on a new template, and how that template would be used.

I have a couple of ideas for "other" uses of existing templates, but I'm waiting to get the whole plan worked out before writing anything up.

Do you procrastinate?

I really appreciate this

I really appreciate this post, and I do hope you continue to do these. I am currently a student, and appreciate the new way to use the source template, as I never thought i had a use for it. Thank you!

You're Welcome


You're welcome. I hope it does work out. I know the field titles may not match a bibliography 100% but the form's got enough spaces to make it work like a bibliography card could.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future cards or ideas. I'd love to hear them.

Happy studying and good luck!

Excellent Idea

I know I am probably echoing the first commenter, but I had to say this. It is an excellent idea. Half the time, in our quest for productivity using the diy planner,
a. we tend to search for something that fits our purpose,
b. if we cannot find, we try to make something ourselves
c. else we email dougj and his million monkeys to get it done
for us.

Suggestions like yours are excellent in reducing the three step process I had said above. :)


A round of applause

You know, I really love articles like this, because they emphasise the whole D-I-Y spirit. In my quest to produce the templates, I'm *always* trying to figure out the most flexible way to make things, so that the forms can be used for multiple purposes. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not so much....

Some creative people (like innowen) catch on quick, and see the flexibility in such forms as Sources for doing tonnes of useful things. The rest haven't yet quite figured out a single use for doing something with the Matrix. ;-)

Don't get me wrong: I love a lot of the ideas that come my way. They help me understand the needs of the people using the system, and I always take them into consideration when developing new templates. And I do love the fact that so many of you roll up your sleeves and design your own. But as a few of the commentators here have alluded to, take a look at the existing templates with an open eye towards using them for purposes beyond the obvious. You might be surprised.

As an aside, the new version of the 'Planner is designed to be a little more generic in nature. It should accommodate existing needs, and hopefully allow meeting new ones.

all my best,

Another Use for the Sources template


I'm new here and just getting my D*I*Y planner set up, and I've found another use for the Sources template. I'm using it to keep track of prescriptions. I use it to track:

  • The name of the prescription
  • The name, address and phone of the pharmacy
  • The pharmacy hours
  • Under the notes, the last date it was filled