'08 calendar pages,

I know this has been requested, and software exists to create them, however I left windows in the dust ages ago and only run Linux. Hence I cannot run the software in question.

Has anyone created a simple set of 2008 monthly template? I actually need this for hPDA size and format.

If anyone would take pity and help me out I'd appreciate it.


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use the source

You should be able to just snag the source code for the dynamic template applications and compile them on Linux. In the meantime, I do know of at least one 2008 template available: this one includes a one page per month template. I'm not sure how well scaling it down to 3x5" size would work, but it's worth a try.


hPDA mini calendar

Hey Rob, send me an e-mail [stephen (at) hdbizblog.com] and I'll send you the 3"x5" monthly calendar I designed a while ago. F.ree.