I know there are many filofax templates (3.75 x 6.75) out there, BUT...

...I would like to transform the complete Official D*I*Y Planner Kits into 3.75x6.75 format. Has anybody done this before?
Thanks for your reply.

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try page scaling

I'm not sure if anyone has tried what you are suggesting. Before you do, there may be something you can try that will save a lot of work, if it works. At least on the Mac, you can define custom page sizes, such as 3.75x6.75 and call it "Filofax." You can then print and check a box that says "scale document to fit paper size" or something along those lines.

You could try printing the Classic Size DIYPlanner scaled down to the Filofax size, or grab the 3x5" (Hipster) version and scale it up to the Filofax size. One of those two options should give you a usable planner until you (or someone else) gets a chance to make a Filofax size version of the DIYPlanner kit. I had pretty good luck printing the 3x5" version onto 4x6" index cards once I got the margins on my printer figured out.


You can always try...

the Dynamic Templates
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