A5 2008 Day to a Page Calendar

2008 Day per page printable calendar, with monthly double page planner. Simple layout is easily adaptable for any year.

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Can print each month or entire year is formatted for double sided printing.

Creative Commons
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Open Office Draw, Adobe Acrobat
Calendar 2008.pdf1.56 MB
Calendar 2008.odg461.67 KB
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WOW! A lot of Work!


2008 calendar


Is there a "classic" format refill for 2008 that can be downloaded?


I thought A5 was Classic size? Or if it is not coming up on your printer as Classic, then you need to adjust your printer page set up - choose A5 instead of letter and it should print correctly...

Hope that helps,
nay nay

A5 != Classic

Here's one of my bookmarks: Wikipedia: Paper Size

A5 (in inches) is 5.83 by 8.26
Classic / Statement is 5.5 by 8.5
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printer sizes

My printer (Lexmark) calls the Classic size; Statement.
I just set the paper to Statement and this calendar printed fine.

I am a notebook junkie.