Translation Assistance Needed for Dynamic Templates

A few of you international folks have contacted me about problems with stuff showing up in the Dynamic Templates in English as opposed to their native/local language.

Well, I did some digging and discovered that I did not read ALL the documentation about Qt's Internationalization features. They provide convenient "hooks" for you to be able to swap out any text with the equivalent in another language. The part I skimmed over is that the developer (dummy me) needs to provide a "translation file" that contains all the phrases I want to translate and their corresponding translation. There needsd to be one of these files for each language you want to support.

I am in the process of learning the parts I missed, but I need help to come up with the non-English equivalents. I am going to use the BabelFish for a first attempt, but such automated translators are not as reliable as a human brain.

My request for help is in two parts:

  1. I need a list of languages for translation files. I can guess from some of the conversations that Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Polish are probably a good first list. If you want non-English templates, please post your language request here on this thread
  2. The bigger request is for translation assistance. I would like help from folks who are fluent in another language to review my translations for accuracy and correctness. I do not want to be one of the poor fools on this list. If you are willing to help me translate, please contact me directly (use the Contact tab), indicating the language you are volunteeling for, and I will send you a text copy of the translations for that language.

I will be tweaking the applications -- adding code to read in the translation file and other fine tuning.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all.
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I'm in for French!

I'm in for French!

Dutch here

Hi, I will help you with the Dutch. But you would have guessed that already.

I hate to say it...

But I don't think Polish would be worth the effort. However, I'm willing to give it what I can. :-) You've got my email.



Let me know what you need translated in to Spanish, and I'll be happy to help out.