The Electronic DIY Forms Pt2

Here are some more:

*0708 Calendar Template
*Agenda Template
*Checklist Template
*Contacts Template
*Important Numbers Template

0708 Calendar Template.pdf573.22 KB
Agenda Template.pdf145.01 KB
Checklist Template.pdf163.75 KB
Contacts Template.pdf107.04 KB
Important Numbers Template.pdf178.97 KB
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Thank you for your hard work!!

I love these templates!

How do I do it in Classic?

These templates are great!! I'm of the "half-page" type myself and would love the ability to print out my own checklists - all printed neat and tidy! Unfortunately I am only able to print in Classic size by "scaling" the document down which really shrinks it in format and size in relation to the page. How on earth do I get a 5.5 X 8.5 page to print at full scale? I'm also a techno-idiot, so be ridiculously specific (speak slowly and use small words!. When you have finished laughing and feeling pity for me -- please help!