The Electronic DIY Forms

Hello all-

I am attaching the electronic forms I created and have been using. For more info please see my previous post.



*****Please NOTE******
All the forms have the word "template" in the file name. I have found that if you are going to save any data in the form it is better to save it with a new name so that the template remains just that, a template. The only reason I say that is the technolgy can be a little bit flakey. This is just my personal experience.

*Weekly Planner 1page
*Weekly Planner 2page
*Regular Day Planner
*Long Day Planner

Weekly Planner 1Page Template.pdf212.15 KB
Weekly Planner 2Page Template.pdf474.79 KB
Regular Day Planner Template.pdf119.3 KB
Long Day Planner Template.pdf163.16 KB
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These are awesome. Thank you!

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Thank you!

I'm a newbie to DIY, and the thought that I don't have to hand all of my money over to Franklin Covey next year makes my heart sing!

Thank you for these templates!