Cover Material

I've started thinking about a cover material that I've been seeing a lot on bibles recently. The cover is an artificial leather that is quite soft and supple. It seems to be quite durable as well. Here's one example.

The material is starting to show up on some other volumes as well, but not in the main stream market. So, any suggestions of what this stuff might be? If you know what I'm talking about, do you know it?

I'll likely try and find out from the folks above, but I'm not sure if I can. We'll see.


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Bonded leather?

Are you sure it's not bonded leather? I bought the one just like that (only in blue) for my daughter last Christmas and it said it was bonded leather.

Ain't leather

I've got a pocket ESV with it, and they call it "TrueTone"(TM).

I absolutely _love_ this material, and would also be interested if it were possible to get a hold of this stuff, and add it to covers.... or maybe, if Levenger could offer it. ;-)


I've Contacted Them

I've contacted Crossway. I've been impressed with their response in the past. It's not fast, but they do generally respond. So, maybe by the start of 08 I'll know something. I'm not holding my breath as everything this time of year seems to get pushed back.

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I Finally Heard

Crossway came through. The responder said that there is no trade name for what they use. He offered this:

"TruTone is made of coagulated polyurethane"

So, maybe that's a lead.

Googling for some other related keywords turned up this. Since I'm stateside, I'll have to see what I can find in country here.

Off to google some more.

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You are evil...

How _could_ you throw a temptation like that in front of my face??? And a mere $25 for a running meter.... ;-) It does seem to be the stuff, though. What did they call it? "Therom-reactive PU-based material" (pulling from two places). It's textured, though... I would prefer smooth. Will have to look deeper. Also, it has some felt backing or something. I wonder how much it adds to the thickness and ease of folding/sewing? It might be fun, just to make my own--but at that price.... Anybody want dibs on this if I go for it? Would help to reduce the cost. At 1.4 metres by 1 metre, I would suppose that would be enough for how many covers???



I have several pairs of shoes made out of Vegetan, which is a trademarked faux leather used by Vegetarian Shoes (

It would make a nice notebook cover, I think.

They've been responsive in the past when I've e-mailed them, so perhaps dropping them a note to see if you could purchase the raw material might yield some positive resluts.


No word, but a possible find

I have no word yet, but this could be it.

I read one blogger talking about Crossway and the Bible industry in general using imitation leather. I'm curious if there's a particular vendor.

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Poly Based?

The blogger I mentioned earlier responded to a comment I left. Here's the sum of his knowledge (and a fine description) on the stuff.

Still waiting on the source. Does this help anyone to realize what it might be?

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