Printing on Circa Blank Refill Paper

Has anyone had any problem printing DIY Planner forms on Levenger's Circa Blank Refill Paper (Junior size)?

I would like to set up a custom Circa but do not want to invest in the desk punch if I can get 300 sheets of pre-punched on sale.

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If you're doing this on an inkjet, I've heard that the best way to do this is to run it through so that the smurfed (punched) edge goes through the printer last. That is, you're feeding it in sideways. Otherwise, the little tabs want to get caught up in the printer. I would assume that the same thing goes for laser printing, but I don't want to volunteer the office printer to test it. :-)

In order to print sideways

In order to print sideways do I have to change my document to Landscape rather than Portrait?

Does that goof up the formatting?

I'm a bit inept in the technology department yet have a "roll your own" yearning that is constantly causing me heartache and tons of time wasted swearing at my computer/printer (inkjet btw).

Try it on regular paper

I'd just cut down some regular paper to figure out the landscape/portrait issue. No sense in using the nice stuff for testing.


I have a Brother MFC 4800 Laserjet and prepunch all of my paper at home so that I can just bring the paper to work (instead of hauling the punch with me everywhere). I have no problem printing normally - I do not need to load it landscape instead of portrait).

Circa punch

Buy a circa punch. It is worth it.