WBF finally made a template choice

As of today I have been an 'official member' of DIYPlanner.com for 35 weeks + 1 day. I was a lurker for much longer. On that day [35wks + 1 day] ago when I became a member I published a photo of the WBF "no-plan-might-be-a-plan" mess. Somehow that photo does not survive, here is the format I finally settled on:

Waiter's Folio; portrait oriented, fits almost anywhere
4x5 4up weeklies; from which I make a little folio with one week showing & blank dailies inside
Blue six-ring thing; staggering my punching allows the top of the next two week folio to show
A stack of recycled quarters; for notes, et cetera.

So what if it took thirty-five weeks and one day to come up with what I already had used off and on for years?
If it ain't broke, repackage it.

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