Index Cards Ruled the Other Way

Because I don't carry my planner everywhere I go, I always take a few index with me for notes. I find that a lot of these notes are in the forms of lists, and it would be really convenient to have ruled index cards with the lines across the short ends (on both sides preferably). Are there any companies that make these? If so, where can I buy them? I realize I could print them out on blank cards, but my printer is annoying to work with on smaller papers.

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I think Oxford may make them

I think Oxford may make them but I took the easier way and sliced 5x8 cards into two 3x5 cards + a 2inch slip. The 3x5 go in the hipster, the 2" get used for other little lists.

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Yet another reason to splurge on a guillotine. That is a great idea. Thanks.


They are called portrait ruled cards - by Oxford

Oxford Recycled Portrait Ruled Padded Index Cards

Esselte (Index Cards):
3 x 5 are cards held together at the top edge of pad, so they can be torn off as needed. Recycled with a minimum of 10% post-consumer material.

Portrait ruled cards as SACs

I've found that these Oxford portrait ruled cards work quite nicely as satellite action cards. I punch the holes with a single hole punch in the same position as in the DIY SAC template, but I find the ruled cards sufficent (and more flexible) than the templates for the "SAC" function.

Awesome. Thanks

I guess I'll have to order some. :)


In Belgium, I buy squared

In Belgium, I buy squared index cards made by a company called Exacompta ( exactly for that purpose. They produce index cards in a wide-variety. Not sure though whether their stuff is available on the other side of the Atlantic.

index cards

I've been looking for years

I used them for a long time, but then the supply dried up. I searched the net, still no luck. I finally bought the Levenger cards. But the rules on those are way too narrow for most uses.

IMHO Portrait is the way the cards should be used. I invented portrait filing boxes and tabs for them, since I only use them this way. To do lists, recipes, you name it... I use blank ones and print out most everything.

I tried to get Levenger to make an upscale version of my index card boxes and guides. I'm sure the market would be there once people saw the light. At least in a cottage-industry sort of way. But it perplexes me.

Everybody knows narrow columns are easier to read than wide ones, so I don't understand how they got used wrong in the first place. I guess ruled index cards pre-date newspapers with columns or something.

The few I've found in storage in dusty shops have been really ugly. Paper-thin card stock, big blurry blue lines, and they age quickly (yellow). I'd love to solve this problem.

Post-it Cards

Hi, Post-it makes a vertical card with lines. Of course it is sticky too. If you get the sortable ones, you can shuffle them. I like them them a lot. I think I got them at Target.

Stick with cards

I see many posts praising the post-it sortable cards; they must work well for many people. Just to note the other side of the coin - I bought and tried some, and was very disappointed, because:

  • Despite being more 'sortable' than normal post-its, they do stick to each other (how could they not?) and I find that some cards hide behind others.

  • I could not find the vertical lined cards in 3x5 size, only smaller
  • Although they do stick on the wall nicely, they're too thick when you stick them on pages or other horizontal surfaces - I find myself wanted regular post-its. Since I have corkboards, I don't need the wall sticking feature
  • The worst part - they have a prominent "Post-it" logo printed once or twice on the bottom, taking up 2 rows. I find this annoying and resent 3M poking its advertising into my everyday life.

Am I picky and too opinionated? Yes. But I found with my own system, post-its should be post-its and index cards should be cards, the hybrid doesn't work for me.

I use the already-cited trick of cutting up 5x8 cards - if you buy the largest package of 5x8 cards you save a bit of money over buying the pre-cut ruled-the-other way padded index cards.

Hipster Templates Work Too

I found Doug's 4-up Hipster templates to be the answer I was looking for. I like the wide-lined "Notes" myself. He also has a narrow ruled version without any label on it, too. While I have gone to a hybrid system of using both notecards and a classic size binder, I still like my "Notes" cards.

lined cards

A company called Levengers makes the cards and a nice leather holder. It is called a pocket briefcase.

Really ?

never heard of them


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

ygor never heard of levenger

me neither. I just find my bank account mysteriously shrinking a couple times a year, and these strange things called Circus, or something like that, keep showing up on my porch.