v1: Two Pages Per Day (deprecated)

This application has been replaced by Dynamic Templates v2.x: The Next Generation. Please use the link to the left

This is the next installment of the Digital Templates, a series of cross platform applications that should ease the load on the folks who make calendar templates.

This program generates two-page daily templates based upon the settings you choose (dates, margins, and so forth), and uses the basic D*I*Y Planner look and feel as developed by Douglas Johnston. On the left side of the spread is a daily page, dated, with three mini-calendars, an appointments section, a task list, and an expenses area. On the right page is a daily journal for notes and other important information.

This is multi-platform software. Below are download links for pre-built, static, binary applications for both Windows and Mac OS X as well as the source code. Through the Nordic Magic of the Qt Libraries, both of these applications were built from the same source code. This source can be built on any platform supported for Qt 4.3, including Linux.

Here's a shot of the Mac version:

And here's the Windows version:

Basic instructions:

  • Be sure you have the font "Blue Highway" installed as it is hard coded into the application
  • Use the "Page Setup" button to set paper size and margins
    Use the arrows to either side of the month name on the calendar widget to set the first month for display.
  • Set your line width to look good on the display.
  • The "Print" button will send the page through your printer drivers.
  • The "Save PDF" button will create a PDF file.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: Two simple changes -- the addition of translation files, and the addition of a locale string in parentheses in the title bar. The string in the title bar lets you know what your system is looking for. The translation file name is "DIY_Two_Page_Day_LOCALE.qm" For the translations to work, the string in the title bar has to match the LOCALE part of the translations file and the translation file needs to be located in the same directory as the application. A slight renaming of the translation file may be necessary as the locale consists of both a language and a country indicator.

License granted to me (Dan White) by Douglas Johnston to duplicate the D*I*Y Planner forms look and feel under the Creative Commons NC-ND License. The source code is declared under GNU GPL.

That's part of the Nordic Magic. It should be multi-lingual. Please let me know if you have any language related difficulties

[From DJ: Let me say how very --nay, ecstatically happy I am that Ygor has developed an easy and dynamic way of generating calendar pages for different sizes and configurations. It saves me a heck of a lot of tedious manual work, and it allows multiple page sizes to boot. Thanks, Ygor!]

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Cannot select June 2008


This program is very good, I used it to create Mays day pages.

I am however experiencing problems with trying to print June 2008.

Today is 30th May. When i first start the program, it displays and selects todays date.

It will not however let me move forward to next month (June) or any date in the future.
If i play around, seecting different things, I can get it to move to tomorrow (31st May 2008) but not further.

Any ideas?

I am just going to select 31st May and print until end July to get round it at the minute, 2 extra pages will not do too much harm. :)

Gavin Phoenix

It's a bit tricky

The Qt date widget is a bit non-intuitive.
Here's how to "do it". (I'm doing this a step at a time with a copy of the application running as I type this)

The default date selection is today for both first/last so that default is to print only 2 pages.

The widgets are set so that the last day must be AFTER the first day, so you should start by setting the LAST day.
I clicked on "May" in "Last Day" then clicked the up-arrow once. I now have "June 30,2008".
Next I click on the "1" which is June 1st to set the displayed date to June 1, 2008
Now, to set the "First Day", you have to decrement the day from May 30 to May 1, then increment the month from May to June.

Now I have a range of June 1 to June 30.

If you do not like the way this works, complain to Trolltech, the makers of Qt.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Wow, Ygor. I am impressed and thankful for your work on this.

A couple of notes, if you don't mind:

  • I've compiled both the 2ppm and 2ppd versions on Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux without a hitch. If anyone expresses interest, I'll put together packages for those systems, and send them to ygor along with screen shots. (You may have to use my contact form, I have a habit of not checking comments enough.)
  • I know C++ (though I haven't used it in far too long) -- how involved is adding/changing formats? I have some tweaks I'd like to try out.
  • What are the chances of getting you to add a color widget to this thing? I know that many people here are printing black and white anyway, but as I have a commercial printer at my disposal, I'd prefer colored planner pages (i.e. DayTimer green pages, but maybe a nicer color) so my black ink stands out.
  • Someone made a feature request re: adding in events and holidays. I'd like to stack another request onto that one: the ability to import events from an iCal feed or file. iCal is widely used in a number of calendaring apps and web sites -- I would LOVE to be able to sync my paper with digital that way.
  • Do you have, or would you like me to toss up an issue tracker for this? It would make your life easier, because others could triage bugs, feature requests, etc. for you. If you make your CVS repo public (at least for downloading), people could submit patches as well.
  • Is there any other way I can lend a hand? My spare time is unfortunately limited right now, but I'll do what I can. Also, if you have a tips/donations page or wishlist, I'd like to know!

Thank you, Ygor.