Backing for a Planner Cover

My notebook got me thinking just a bit ago. The notebook has gotten bent a bit, so the pages are lying a bit funny. I'm going to try and press it flat this weekend. The backing for my planner holder, where it lives, is cardboard of some weight. So, with it's propensity to give, I started thinking down the road, when I craft it's replacement, hopefully with the old leather I have. So, heres' the question:

If you were building the ultimate binder, what would you use for the backer?

Short list of short ideas thus far are as follows:

Luon (1/4" plywood) wrapped in leather
A plastic sheet, similar to Levenger's Translucent Circa Covers, but thicker

Other ideas?


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Cigar Box Cover

Why not a cool looking cigar box lid? Make it so the inside faces out, and gets covered with leather if you want. Or just leave it as-is.



I just ran across one with a detached top in the workshop.

Off to measure...

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life


If I could use anything, I'd probably waffle between a piece of acrylic (the good stuff, not styrene) and have it cut to size with polished edges and rounded corners, or I'd go with a gorgeous piece of thin wood like they use for clip boards. Not just any clip board, but like these:

Gorgeous wood clip boards

I'd have to figure out how to attach the hardware to either one, but the result would be lovely to use. For a Circa notebook, I'd guess a slide-in design of some sort would have to be worked out.

The folios I've made (sewn) I've used a heavy-duty mat board (a slide-in design). I've also made journals and notebooks with covers that I've made from mat board covered with collage papers. When I use my wire-o binding (punched like for a comb binding), I prepunch the board or if I want something very stiff, I'll prepunch two thinner sheets, then glue them together, then cover them.

Sometimes I'll go for a fancy cover but use just plain black on the back.

(The old "bumpers" from Levenger might work, too. They are designed to keep the corners of paperback books from getting too dogeared. If Levenger's doesn't carry them anymore, you might try a library supply place. I've used both Gaylord and Demco.)

Good Idea

The clipboards are a great idea. I'll have to keep my eyes open. I haven't made it down to measure the cigar box. I don't think I conveyed the idea clearly enough. Here's a picture and tech description (look for the pop-up links labeled "View" and "Tech").

It'll take four pieces: a front and back, with the spine. The fourth side is that the front is slightly narrower than the back. The fourth makes up the difference in width and allows for a pen holder via rare earth magnets. I may use simply three pieces, front and back equal.

What I'd do from having the backing material is wrap it entirely in leather, stitched over. There would be pockets sewn in on the inside of the front and back to hold a planner (my circa), and a notebook (the stock LV one for now).

It'll depending on reconditioning the leather, however.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life