Jewel case as Card Bleachers


I got a doodad in the mail today that was kinda cool. It was a calendar, but that wasn't the cool part. The cool part was the packaging/stand. It was in a CD Jewel case, possibly a partially modified one. The pages of the calendar were loose, one per month, cut to the size of the CD booklet that usually is inserted in the cover of the case.

The instructions on the case said to open it up all the way and flip it over to make it into a stand. This one opens beyond 180 degrees, and stops at a nice viewing angle when the inside back is laid face down on the table and the cover is opened 'up' until it stops.

Out of curiosity, I checked some of my regular jewel cases. I have a slim one and several of the old fat ones. Both of them can be made to do the same thing, though you might have to turn the cover around (take off, flip, put back on inside-out) to get it to stand at the proper angle.

The nifty thing is that you might end up with a card stand on the front and a card tray on the back.

The particular doodad that came with the calendar would fit quarter-letter pages beautifully when standing, but does not make a tray at the back. Oh well. :)

Anyway, you who are in need of 3x5 bleachers but have no budget might ransack your music or old software libraries for a couple to tide you over til Christmas. :) Two 3x5s will stand upright, overlapping about an inch in the middle.


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Nifty things...

...those calendars. I've made a few myself. It's easy on the Mac:

And yes, any normal CD case, or even a MD case, or digital video cassette case would do in a jiff--oh, and an old-fashioned audio cassette case.