Confessions: I am a compulsive...

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Five short of an enneagram...

I am embarrassed to admit it, I am a tinker too. I e-mailed your link to friends and colleagues and they all said the samething - does this guy know you?

BTW Mine's a Swiss army knife... Lol.

Multi-tool heaven

Heh. If I have pants (or shorts) on, I have a Leatherman Wave strapped to my side. A Gerber Scout accompanies my camera and A/V equipment. There's a Swiss Army Mountaineer in my Jeep, and a Swiss Army Hunter in my toiletries kit. And a Leatherman Micra on my keychain. My wife thinks it a little obsessive, but I can take apart anything, anywhere, on a moment's notice. (However, getting it back together again is another matter entirely....)

(Itching for a Swiss Army backpack and Cybertool now....)

all my best,

I always carry a Swiss Army

I always carry a Swiss Army knife, either a full-size model or the little key-chain version (which is more useful than one might think, given its mini size). 1000 years ago when I was a school nurse, making a toothbrush holder for the fourth grade out of a cardboard carton, I hauled out my SAK to enlarge the holes. One of the boys cried out, "Hey, girls can't have pocket knives."

But that was 1000 years ago. Maybe times have changed? Or do nine-year-old boys still think that way?

Leatherman Micra

Sort of a talisman...lets me keep my multi-tool with me, but very personally and privately! :-)

Leatherman Wave

I have my Wave with me even when i wear no pants :) It's in my bathrobe's pocket, or if i wrap towel around my waist (after sauna or shower), Wave is clipped to towel...

Not so easy any more

And I thought I was the only one obsessed with taking multi-tools everywhere. It's quite nice to see I'm not alone.

Of course, it's not always as easy as it used to be. A few scant months before 9/11, I took a flight from the east coast of Canada to Toronto to San Diego. Normally, I take my Leatherman off and put it in my checked-in luggage. This time I forgot. However, I didn't realise this until after I was on the last leg of the flight. No one seemed to mind! (And keep in mind that I'm a rather imposing 6'4" man usually dressed in a khaki, not a little granny with a set of tweezers in her floral-patterned handbag.)

Today, I'm half-afraid to walk around in a city with the Leatherman on my hip, since there have been a number of high-profile stabbings in Canada the past couple of months. For that matter, I even ponder bringing a mechanical pencil on a flight, lest I be subjected to a humiliating strip search. Extreme thoughts for extreme times....


Tinker plus some Spy - actually Q?

Lots of people mention Spy tendencies in their Tinkerness -- doesn't that make us Q, or at least one of his lab geeks?

I commented in the million monkeys typing entry as well, mentioning my Julian Day Planner -- but since the comments here keep mentioning multitools, I want to plug my Swiss Army Cybertool 41 (ThinkGeek link just for illustration; I'm not affiliated with them); the little pliers aren't as good as a leatherman, certainly, but the modular screwdriver is insanely useful -- when I do computer hardware work, it's all I need. And I love the little glasses screwdriver that fits inside the corkscrew!