Bi-fold Business Card Holder sized HipsterPDA

This may have been done before by others, but I thought I would comment on it.

I have a faux leather business card holder that I use to carry my work name badge in. I pop it in my shirt pocket everyday when I head to work, so I usually have it with me.

I decided to print my work contact list at business card size to put in there just for backup. I cranked up Microsft Word and loaded an Avery template for printing multiple index cards on a single 8.5X11 sheet of paper, and copy/pasted my contact info from GTDTiddlyWiki and sized the font to fit the smaller form factor. I printed it out and it looked fine. P.S. Anadale Mono at 8 pts is quite small but legible at index card size.

I then thought about a few other "static" pages I usually carry in my Hipster that would be handy ( i.e. my handy dandy OpenVMS cheatsheet or the Someday/Maybe sheet with my long term goals ). So BAM, I popped them into the template and printed them out.

Of course, I couldn't leave a good thing alone, so I had to actually print some of Doug's wonderful DIYPlanner Hipster templates just to see if it could be done. His well designed forms remained quite legible even at business card size. Now I have a tiny Hipster cover sheet, a collection of ToDo and Matrix sheets for jotting down info as needed, and even a tiny 2006 year calendar.

Now I have a small "backup" Hipster for use in a pinch if needed, and the beauty of it is that it doesn't take any more room in my pocket than it ever did when it just housed my name badge.

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I'd like to see a picture of

I'd like to see a picture of this idea. My college offers free ID holders which could use the same idea.

Retired, I no longer need a

Retired, I no longer need a daytimer or PDA. After finding this site I looked for a solution came up with a similar hipster. I found in the bottom of a drawer the plastic bi-fold wallet that came with an order of business cards ca. 1985. My hipster consists of a six-month-per-page calendar I printed from, trimmed and folded to business card size. Inside the wallet there's room for two credit cards, my driver's license and library card, the pocketmod calendar, and several business cards. I printed my business cards (name, address, email, surnames for genealogical researchers) in a light ink on standard ink-jet paper so I can use the reverse for notes if necessary. I use a paper clip to keep some cash attached to the outside.

I'm in the market for a low-profile money clip and another business card wallet when this one gives out.