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Anyone know if this forum can accomodate the feature of email notification of replies to posts? (i.e. I post, someone replies, I get an automated EM advising me there was a reply to my post. Plus if you reply to a post, you get notified of subsequent new replies.) It's a common feature of most tech forums to which I subscribe.

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Dont know whether Drupal has an email notification feature but there is an RSS feed for new stuff. I use Thunderbird (the email partner of the Firefox web browser) that can handle RSS feeds as if they were email.

Personally I dislike both approaches prefering instead to access websites, forums, newsgroups or discussion lists at my own pace. YMMV.

It does exist, but...

the question is:
Do the folks running this site want to take the time and trouble to install it ?
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RSS + forums don't mix so well

I've tried subscribing to a forum on RSS, and I find it confusing to follow. Since RSS feeds are chronological, you end up with posts from all different topics all mixed together.

My favorite system is an email notification that allows you to "subscribe" to your favorite topics and optionally auto-subscribe you to any topics you create or reply to. The better ones let you chose how often you are notified: right away, daily, or weekly or not at all. They will also allow you to just log in and see all the discussions you have subscribed to that have new posts. I would love to see this feature come to this site if there is a Drupal plugin that works for it.



For me, I would not want that for this forum--too busy. What you described I use for seldom-posted-on forums, or for articles that get a lot of comments at first, then die out--in other words, forums I wouldn't return to otherwise. With DIYPlanner, it's getting grazed a few times a day, so it's much simpler for me to just use this url:

It's a decent rundown of all the recent posts. I can choose what particular threads to visit and read, and it's all in newest-to-oldest order. that's the best thing I've seen for this kind of forum.


The case in point is that

The case in point is that I'll post this reply here and no one above will see it unless they return to this thread. W/ email notification, it doesn't add to the 'busy-ness' of the forum, it simply enables folks not to have to live at the site; They'll get an email when a reply happens. Click a link and you go right to the thread for reading or reply. Plus, it's an 'opt in' feature. If one prefers doing their own tracking, that option is still available. This is the only forum among the approx. 10 to which I belong which does not offer EM notification.

Use "Recent posts"

The case in point is that I'll post this reply here and no one above will see it unless they return to this thread.

Why not just use the "Recent posts" link that appears at the top right of every D*I*Y Planner web page? It's what I do.

W/ email notification, it doesn't add to the 'business' of the forum, ...

That depends upon how busy the forums are. If there were only one reply per day then maybe I could be persuaded but with two or more replies per day per thrread then my inbox is going to be busy (it's already busy 200+ emails a day). I'd rather not add to the traffic. On other sites I've used reply notification each time I've quickly turned it off again.

Personally I use "Recent posts" to track what is happening here.

it simply enables folks not to have to live at the site;

But I do "live" here. :-) Not set up as my home page but is permanently open in a brower tab on my machine.

Recent posts isn't

Recent posts isn't informative enough for me...

I like the Recent comments because it shows who posted and there are certain people I like to catch whenever they post on a topic I'm interested in. Usually the Recent comments shows enough that I can decide if I want to click on it or not.

But Recent Posts just lists the original post that has been commented on, not the comment and author, so I'm not getting the info I'd like.

For example, if someone posted spam here, I would be able to detect it from the Recent comments list because there would be the usual three-line list of shoes. So I wouldn't bother clicking on it. But on the recent posts list would just be the name of the page--not what the comment was.

It makes a difference to me. So I just try to stay logged on to the front page or log on often enough that no more that ten comments have been posted. And of course I scan the active forum topics list to see if some interesting new topic has been started up.


I've said it once...

.... but I'll repeat myself.

The best page to keep open is not the front page, or the forum page, but the forum tracker. It always shows the latest posts and threads first, and if you are logged in, tells you how many replies have been posted. Combine that with the "Recent comments" in the right-hand column, and you have all the info you need--since we don't have email notifications, and I doubt we will. :-)

So, rather than other pages on DIYPlanner, go to this one, and keep it open in your browser:



This is the page I keep open as a separate tab on my browser.

Very easy to follow topics - and you can see the recent posts on the right to watch for certain posters - as was mentioned above.


Surprising resistance to an

Surprising resistance to an opt-in feature people could choose to use, or not. But it appears the decision is already made. I promise not to pout. :-)