Planner/Calendar on one page

I would like to have a calendar that span only one page. I noticed that all the calendar pages in the standard package (also the hipster version), uses 2 pages and there is a big gap in the middle (the page split). It would be useful to have a calendar that's only one page in size (at least for the letter-size version. There is no gap in the middle and it can also be printed out and pasted into a notebook to make a personal planner.


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How about if ...

you could print two pages on one sheet of paper with a minimal margin in the middle ? I am considering such a feature for the Dynamic Templates.
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Ridiculous lengths

Hi ygor.

Wouldn't that get a little silly when you start talking about the smaller, narrower page sizes?

Example--your two-page-per-month deal has a notes column on the end. If you print both of those on one page with a minimal margin on, say, a compact piece of paper, that notes column is going to suck width away from the days. It might be better to have the notes block at the bottom of a one-page-per-month format.

Personally, I like one-page-per-day and one-page-per-month. I don't even use the week view. I've also switched back to 3x5 cards. Two pages per month squeezed into a 3x5 would be narsty, IMHO.


I see your point...

How about some one-page Dynamic Templates ?

What about it, folks ? If there is enough interest/demand...

I would need some design ideas. The two-pagers are straight copies out of the original DIY templates, and there are not all that many one-page calendar templates in the collections. (Note to self: go look to be sure)
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Hi ygor.

Dynamics for the one-pagers would be very cool. I might even get rid of some of the ones I'd made..

One-per-year: the one that shows the 12 month blocks with no space to write. Just a ref page. I made mine with that excel spreadsheet someone posted out on the net. I modified it to use Blue Highway fonts. I made one portrait and one landscape version.

One per month: I've got one in my quarter-letter templates, just days with space to write, no notes block at all. I mailmerge mine to get the dates on, then 'draw' in icons for holidays, birthdays, etc. in the shaded day number row.

One per day: I've got one in in my quarter-letter templates. A blank block at the top for my mail-merged reminders (birthdays & holidays, recurring to-dos), then a simple list of times. Since my page is so small, I use 1/2 hour blocks, but this could be configurable to select start time, end time, and divisions. I've seen a bunch of folks who wanted customizable time slots (or no times preset) on a daily page around here. Some folks might like the times at the top and a lined block at the bottom for notes. Also, for larger paper sizes, the appointment block would be only a portion of the page (one column) and the other side would be an area for a list, or perhaps a note block.

I happen to make all of my pages the same--no left/right alternating punches. When I use a binding all my days are punched on the left. When I don't, I maximize writing space and center it up.

I expect the one-per-day is the toughest one. You might end up with several popular layouts--some better suited to large pages, some better suited to small.


customizable/blank time slots

I would love to see customizable or blank time slots on the two-page week, too. Might that be possible some time down the line? I'm soon going to be working freelance and I won't have so many fixed appointments, but would appreciate the flexibility to be able to schedule using whatever times are appropriate on a given day, if that makes sense. I am using regular DIYP templates at the moment. Thanks.

Great idea!

Great idea!

One-per-month idea

Maybe for the one-page-per-month page, you could have the month take up a square portion of the page, and have notes below it (maybe for details on items written on the days?) I've seen tall and skinny months before, and they look awkward, but if you shrunk the calendar, and added space for notes, etc. that would both look better, and add function. If you need help visualizing it, let me know, and I'll make a mock-up.


Super suggestions

Variations are do-able -- look at the Notes Dynamic Template.

I should be able to crank out something.

I'm finishing up two-page-per-day. One page per day will be an easy follow-on.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

One-pagers PLEASE!!

I fully support and endorse the production of one page templates to supplement the two-pagers. I use a 2-page weekly in my classic planner, but would love a 1 page monthly for both the planner and my hpda.


one-page Dynamic Templates

Moleskin has a planner: a week on the left page and a note page on the right. They divide the right page in 7 rows equal size. Row one (from the top) contains the Month and week number with extra space for weekly comments. The next 5 rows are Monday-Friday with the date. Row 7 has two columns for Satuday and Sunday.

I love this format, except at my current job I need more then one page of notes per week so a circa works much better then a bound book.


Word is your friend

I make these up easily using Word and inserting a table. 7 columns by 5 rows, fit to page, set the margins to what you need to punch the paper for the system you use. Super simple and then use save as for each new month.