New Planner - Pics at Last

OK. I finally got a few shots this morning of the new planner. The photo's were done very quickly while corralling an 11 month old, so forgive the quality.

The planner is bound in the translucent levenger covers. The DIY cover page, blank, now sports an images from wikipedia (cc licensed!) of a cup o' joe. It's printed on 4X6 photo stock and slid into a 4X6 photo sleeve glued to the paper. The sleeve is donated from a 4X6 photo slot sheet for 3 ring binders. I wanted something I could change on occasion, so this is the first solution. Other suggestions?

The back sports a plastic sleeve harvested from an old Harvard planner. It's designed for an address book that ships with Harvards, but it will hold a good deal give it's slit is towards the spine. It circa-fied nicely!

There are two other random shots of pages for yucks. Nothing 'significant' there. But now I'm jonesing to start using it. Maybe I'll run Nov and Dec 07 in a quick merge....


[lynk by ygor]

Hopefully, it won't get caught up.


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