Form to track calories & other nutritional info.

I really liked the WW updated form that I found here and was thinking about doing a similar form just to track daily food intake along with the nutritional values (calories, fat, chol, etc.) instead of the WW info.

So... I downloaded the Widget kit and OOo and tried to duplicate forms over the weekend.

I had no luck! Now I'm asking for help. Can anyone offer any suggestions or insight as to what I'm doing wrong? or not doing?

I am familiar with the MS Office suite and at first glance, OOo seemed to be similar, but I can't make it do anything like what the templates show on DIY.

Please HELP!!!

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What problems?


First, make sure you have the blue highway fonts installed. That will help the widget kit work.

Second, use the widget kit as your 'master' for the different widgets and just copy/paste them into the page you want. Use Edit/Duplicate to make copies evenly spaced down or across the page.

Third, describe what is happening and then we might be able to tell you how to fix it. :)


I checked and the Blue

I checked and the Blue Highway fonts are the ones I'm using. I initially saved a copy for my use of the widget kit and used it to try to make my page. I've demolished my copy of widget kit but I still have the main copy ready to make another copy.
When I open OOo Draw, I have lines all over the place (They look like margin lines, but I've yet to discover how to use/move them.

I've tried several attempts of things I thought might work, such as:
I took the graph note grid and tried to copy it (Edit,duplicate) enough times to fill my sheet then remove some of the grids inside to get my form. The lines turned out uneven and when I tried to straighten them I never could get them to move straight, they wanted to move one corner or another on an axis.

I tried the sample page one because it was mostly a lined page. I deleted the checkboxes on the left-hand edge and tried to make more columns to the right-hand side of the page. I could not get it to copy one at a time across the page. When I used [Edit, Duplicate] it placed them lower on the page all in a bunch and when I tried to move them, the lines became distorted. I became frustrated and discarded the page.

I just want a basic sheet similar to the widgets sample page one.I would like to have the project info area appear at the bottom of the page and the lined area to begin immediately after the title area. Instead of the checkboxes at the beginning, I need a column. Instead of the large column at the end of the lined area, I want 10 smaller columns.

When I'm ready to print, I want it to print on plain 8.50 x 11.00 paper, landscape, with two pages of the same form side by side so I can fold, cut down the middle, and punch for my planner.

What am I doing wrong?

Something very similar...

I have a couple of files in Word you might use or adapt. If you'll email me at ggrozier at (no spaces) I'll send them to you. You might be able to import them into Open Office.

I found the learning curve of OO to be rather steep and I already know Word well enough, so I just made up my forms in Word.

Let me know if you want the files.

There's a food log and a couple of supplementary forms with list of foods in order of fiber content, etc. I put the lists at the back of my booklet.


When you open Draw, and you've got 'lines all over the place' that stretch outside the page margins, those are "Guides" and you can shut them off or move them around--but they don't print.

You might be having trouble with "Snap" features--these are supposed to help you get your shapes where you want them to go, but I find them to be annoying (except for snap to margin). If you shut off the 'snap to grid' you may find that things move more naturally.

When you use Duplicate, you have to tell it whether you're making copies on the X axis or the Y axis. One is horizontal, the other is vertical. So if your copies are moving down instead of across, the number that represents the distance between duplicates is in the wrong box. Move it to the other one and stuff will duplicate across instead of down (as long as you zero the previous box).

You will need to define your page size to fit the "Classic" paper in portrait orientation (to print one-ups) or else the "letter" paper in landscape orientation (to print 2 ups). If you want to print on letter paper, you'll have to design your form on one half of the page, then copy the whole thing to the other half of the page when you're done designing. Anyway, you set your paper sizes with Format/Page instead of File/Page Setup. Different menus in a non-Microsoft world.

That's a start on some of the issues, anyway.



Eh, yeah, forgot about lines.

The easiest way to make a form that has multiple columns is to make the horizontal lines first--stretch them across the full width of the area. Then draw vertical lines (or use shaded rectangles) to delineate your columns. If you use shaded rectangles, you'll have to right-click them and choose Arrange/Send to Back to get your lines to show through the shading.

If you hold down the either the shift key or control key (forget which) while you click and drag to make your line, it will help the line 'snap' to specific degree angles--zero, 45, 90, etc. That should help eliminate the 'almost right but very wrong' kind of things lines want to do.