Overzealous Spam Flagging?

I'm trying to post this as a new topic since any attempt to post a comment, in various forums, from 2 different IPs, has resulted in all comments being marked as spam.

The two topics were the spam-related topic in DIYPlanner.com and the other was regarding a Multi-Pen under "Pens, Pencils..."


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comments vs topics

I tried to start a new topic several days ago and that got flagged as spam also. In retrospect it was a rather silly post so I didn't fuss to the powers that be about it, but I'm not sure that new topics get through the spam filter any better than comments. BTW, I'm not complaining. I love this forum and am grateful for all the work that goes into fighting the war on spam. I understand that not every battle can be won.

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Me too!!

... though a slightly different problem.

Once again, I've tried to post a new topic in the Bazaar forum, and it got flagged as spam. The only odd thing I noticed was when I was previewing it, the year read 1969. The day, date, and time were off, too. Don't know if that has anything to do with the spam problem, but unless I'm hugely disoriented, that date's just not right. (Maybe it should be called the Bizarre forum.)

spam is a problem in all

spam is a problem in all popular forums.

i would rather have to wait to see a post than see a ton of spam messages. thats just me though.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

normally i'd agree, but it's

normally i'd agree, but it's starting to happen to my posts a little too often, and it's becoming frustrating.

but the spammers are pretty overzealous too

as far as i see it, as a lurker mind, is that it should be a fair fight. if they will be overzealous we should too.

Double-edged sword

I'm afraid that this has been a bit of a problem for a while. We're constantly besieged by spam, and the filters are only so good. We repel hundreds (if not thousands) of spam attempts per day, and sometimes all it takes is a certain blacklisted keyword or an IP range from a recent spamming session to trip a legitimate post.

I do feel for you folks. On the one hand, we have valued site members who complain that the spam filters aren't effective enough, essentially letting through some rather vile, overtly commercial or malicious posts. On the other hand, we have threads like this where members note that the spam filters are too effective. (Effective, being a relative word, of course.)

We're looking at a few options, including new specialised roles and perhaps some different software tweaks. Ultimately, this will probably require a combination of machine efficiency with human intelligence. Stay tuned....

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