Recommendations Multifunction Pen/Pencils?

I have reorganized my planner using a lot of the info on here. Now I am looking for a good quality multi-function Pen/Pencil to carry with my Planner.

I really only need 1 ink and pencil. (either .5mm or .7mm lead is OK)I use a pencil about 70% of the time, but do need a pen for signing documents and such.

And I am wanting a good quality pencil and pen. Even if that means it costs more.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance....


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Cross Tech3

It does have two inks (black/red) and pencil (0.5). I love mine.

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Avoid the Lamy Multi-Pen

I recently "upgraded" from the Lamy Tri-Pen (2 ballpoints + pencil) to the newer Lamy Multi-Pen (which adds a stylus). Have had to take the Multi-Pen back to the retailer multi-times, in order to get the pencil working again. Very disappointed and would recommend staying away from the Multi-Pen, if not from Lamy products altogether. Good luck.

Don't knock Lamy!

Your multi-pen may have had problems, but Lamy makes some of the best-writing fountain pens on Earth. I swear by them.

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Papermate PhD

I used a a PhD for quite a while and found it to be a good combination pen, pencil and stylus; it is, perhaps, a little bulkier than similar pens but definitely worth a look.


Similar to the Cross Tek is the Platinum Double R3. Check it out at jetpens here
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JetPens and Platinum

Head over to jetpens and search for Platinum. I've been using a Platinum Double 3 for almost a year. It holds a .05mm lead, black and red pens (by label). I also have blue refills for the pen.

I tried posting earlier with a link to the jetpens search return for Platinum, but it was marked as spam. The site is

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Similar to the Cross Tech 3 is the Platinum Double 3, available from, or if in Canada, at a Lee Valley hardware store (or catalog). It works similarly, has designations for pencil (.05 mm), black and red ink. The refill kit of five cartridges from LV had two black, two blue and one red. Love mine.

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Autopoint Pens

I was really skeptical when I order my first multi-pen from Autopoint, but I've been super impressed with their service and product. I've got the 4-in-1 crosshatch with a .5mm pencil, blue and black inks, and an orange highlighter. The prices are pretty decent too.

Check them out at www.

Autopoint -in-1 crosshatch

I just ordered this pen and wanted to order refills. Do you know if the .5mm pencil lead is long or short?

Recommendations Multifunction Pen/Pencils?

Earlier this year I bit the bullet and forked out for a Rotring Artos Mutlipen 4-in-1, I haven't looked back.

The Artos includes a .5mm pencil, red, blue & black ink as well as an eraser in the back (many don't). I swaped out the black ink for a PDA stylus that I had lying about at home.

The only down side is that the anodized coating on the clicker button at the back is wearing a bit thin, but I don't care, I have fallen in love with this pen.


I used a simple Bic 4 color pen from WalMart for a long time but wanted a little nicer look. The only thing I could find was a Lamy 4 color at about $50. I have had enough trouble with it that it sits in a pen holder on my desk as an extra. I alos didnt like the fact that the ink was only available in medium point. So back to the Bic went.

Best multi point pen ever

I have used the quad point pen from I have owned at least 5 over the past 5 or 6 years and can't live without it.

It writes beautifully in red, black, blue and pencil.

The only negative is it is $40, not cheap when you have lost pens and had to replace 5 times!

That is how much I love it.

Try Stylus Central

at They have a wide selection of multifunction pens and other accessories. Fair prices and free shipping for orders over $50. Importantly, they have refills for most of the pens too.


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Fisher Multi?

Anyone using the Fisher Quad Action? I'd be interested to know if you could eschew the stylus for another ink. I have no call for a stylus, but I have pondered grabbing a space pen. Might be the right one, if I could pop something else in.

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Re Fisher Multi?

Yes, you can. I swapped the stylus in mine for one of Fisher's blue refills, which gives me all of Fisher's colors in this size. I haven't tried one of the Schmidt refills, but I suspect they would work.

Duluth Trading has the Quad Action on sale for $US 19.9x right now...

Pilot Pentopia

would be my choice if I could only have 1 multi-pen. Its mechanism lasts longer than any others I've tried, and with the side clickers, it sits lower in the pocket than those that have a centered push mechanism on top. (The Cross Tech 3 has this advantage, as well.)

Sadly, the Pentopia seems to be hard to find these days.

There are other Japanese pens, such as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto, that use gel pen fills, and some have a pencil, as well. The bad news is that they're not imported into the U.S. The good news is that there are a couple of stores in the San Francisco area that carry them. When you come to San Francisco, be sure to leave with some pens in your pocket.