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They say 21 days makes a habit. This template has great little bubbles for filling in each day you accomplish your goal. The template has 4 21-day sections per page.

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Try one habit for each area of your life. The four sections for example, would allow you to have a goal for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each day you do the desired habit you can record your accomplishment. As the 21 days progress, you will easily see your progress and balance in your life.

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Applying The Now Habit

I recently read The Now Habit by Niel Fiore and I learned one good thing. I really only need to aim for 30 minutes of focused work a day. I have always been amazed at what I can accomplish in the last 30 minutes before a deadline. In college, I finished and sometimes started many a homework assignments just 30 minutes before class. At home 30 minutes goes a long way in mowing the lawn or going for a run. The Now Habit doesn't suggest we do ONLY 30 minutes of work a day or to wait until 30 minutes before a deadline to work. The suggestion is that aiming for just 30 minutes can make all the difference in getting started or plowing through a difficult stretch on your current project. Many times, after your initial 30 minutes are up, you are in the groove of things and you keep on going. Or even better, you find that you are done and you can move on to something else. With this powerful habit in mind, I created this template for my hipsterPDA. This template has great little bubbles for filling in each day you accomplish your goal of devoting just 30 minutes of effort to an important project. The template has 4 21-day sections per page. They say 21 days makes a habit, after all. I decided I would use a section in the template for each area of my life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each day after I spend 30 minutes on a specific project in that area I fill out the bubble. Seeing the progress and balance (or lack of it) after just one week is insightful and rewarding.

Well said, businessgeek

I've been wondering about templates for The Now Habit, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. (Not procrastinating -- actually working on other things.)

I think you sum up a very important part of the Now Habit approach there. Many of us procrastinators get so hung up on finishing that we never get around to starting. Just starting, and committing to a reasonable 30 minutes, can lead to a lot of progress toward whatever we haven't been doing.

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Do you procrastinate?


This is a great template!! I don't suppose there's any chance of seeing something like this in Classic (5.5" x 8.5") size is there? I have a number of things that would benefit immeasurably and I'm not real confident about trying to make templates...

Classic Size Habit Form

I have something very similar to this for classic size. I'll go ahead and submit it. It's organized a little differently (by week, instead of by habit), but with some imagination you could make it work the same way.


Just print in on 5.5" x 8.5" paper

I've been using a lot of the HPDA size templates and just printing them on 5.5" x 8.5" paper. You have to click "fit to printer margins" on the print window. They come out a little more centred than the regular classic size templates but I have had no problem hole punching them and printing on both sides of the paper. Just a thought.

I have the classic size

I will upload it this weekend when I get to my home computer.

Thanks for this

Just started a 21-day thing yesterday (from the updated Psycho-Cybernetics.) How handy!