3x5 circa case?

I've started using a circa bound 3x5 notebook and have gotten really attatched to the size. I haven't had any luck finding a cover for it. I'd like something with a couple pockets and a pencil loop. Not too picky about the closure method though. Has anyone seen something that might work for me? Those that use 3x5 also what do you use?

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Cobble together


I use quarter letter, which is only slightly larger than 3x5 (4.25x5.5). I use a 2 inch self-adhesive tab as a loop for my pen (pen has a clip, and the clip goes inside the tab). I have it stuck to a piece of plastic I cut down and punched.

There are a variety of materials you can use for covers. The simplest is to go get a plastic file folder or report cover and cut it down to size. You can also use a piece of matte board with a little doctoring so one edge is thin enough to punch.

For pockets, go buy a plastic pocket folder and cut it to size, or trim a ziploc bag (maybe the snack size would work), tape the open sides with packing tape, and punch the tape. Or you could roll your own entirely from cardstock and packing tape, or even plain paper and packing tape or glue.

Another thing to consider for pockets would be a 4x6 photo album. There are some very cheap ones at wal-mart and target that are clear and have the open side toward the spine rather than the top, bottom, or outside edge (much more secure that way). I have one I use for coupons. I think it might have been $2 at target when I bought it. You could cut the covers off that and punch those as well..

Personally, I don't use pockets. But the plastic covers and dividers I do use, and the two inch tab works great for writing utensils that have clips. If yours has no clip, then you'd need to search the site for the really good pen loop thread (that came up last spring, I think).

I haven't personally seen a case that had everything you wanted, but I haven't really looked. Your criteria aren't the same as mine were when I was using 3x5. :)


I should have been more

I should have been more clear. What I'm looking for is more like a jacket, like the ones Levenger has. Those would be perfect if not for the leather. The innards of the notebook is levenger stuff. I love it all but it needs a case, something i can stuff things in a hurry. Possibly even keep my ipaq in when i bother to use it.
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It may be worth looking at

It may be worth looking at (electronic) PDA cases. If you can find one with a pocket at the top, then you could dock the circa pda to it. I don't have any specific recommendations though. I checked the levenger universal pda case, and it didn't really fit your requirements - it was like a pocket briefcase with a slot for an electronic pda.

Something like this? One's a

Something like this?

One's a Levenger 3x5 Leather Rope, which costs US$38/-, while the other's a Buxton available at Staples.

Levenger case

I did hack my hPDA to hold it in place next to my Palm in the Levenger PDA case. This would work for any pocket briefcase-style card holder.

What you do it cut tabs in the back cover of your Circa PDA case. (I actually don't have a real cover for mine, so I did this trick with five index cards stuck together instead.)

You cut the tabs between the circa rings, and then slip the tabs under the edge of the pocket briefcase. The Circa rings stay above the edge, while the tabs hold the cover inside the edge.

I'll take some pictures as soon as I figure out where my husband put the camera, if anyone's interested.

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Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip caligatia, if if can find a case thats not leather I'll try that. I've looked all over the place and haven't found anything suitable so I will give up for the timebeing.
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Target Franklin 365 Zip Folio

I had to mostly give up on my 3x5 circa set-up because my eyes are getting too bad to read stuff printed small enough for 3x5. However, I LOVED my set-up as long as I was able to use it. I found a 3x5 sized zip folio in the planner section at Target, by Franklin365 (Franklin Covey's line for Target). It comes with a tablet, the back cover of which inserts in a slot on the back wall of the folio. I removed the tablet and replaced it with my 3x5 top bound circa. (NOTE: I don't think it would accommodate rings larger than the rings the Circa comes with.)

Inside, on the folio spine, is a pen loop and it comes with a silver wallateeni style pen. I prefer a Zebra F-301 fine point, which also fits fine in this case.

The left wall of the folio has a sleeve for spare 3x5s and a couple of credit card slots. I usually just kept stamps, address labels, debit and credit cards, and drivers license/insurance card in there.

It all zips closed securely and I think I remember paying about $8 at our local Target. At that price, I doubt very much that it is leather, but it appears to be a nice leather-like viny. Mine wore well in all kinds of bags...still looks new (almost).

Last time I was at Target they still had them in 3-4 fall colors. I've no idea if this would hold the other thing...probably not, but if you just want something for your circa, and incidentals, this is a great solution!

Mary Ann

Something like the circa

Something like the circa notebooks jackets (link below) is more what I'm looking for. I don't like the loose cards (and i use reglular paper anyway) so I want to keep the notebooks cica bound. I've tried Target but the selection at the closest one hasn't changed in some time. I'll have to try the other.

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Mine's almost exactly like that...

except it takes a top-bound 3x5 Circa rather than a side-bound 3 3/4 x 6 3/4 Circa. I priced them earlier today at Target and they're now just $6.