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WonderTwinzz microPDA template got me to thinking, so I decided to see what I can do with what I have created so far.

I used DIY_Notes and doPDF to create a microPDA grid card.
I then used Multivalent to make a letter size page full of them

I did this on my work PC (Windoze XP) without a development environment.

What do you think ?

microPDAGridCards.pdf242.93 KB
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I was hoping someone would do this...

ygor, great grids! I can't wait to print these out, give them a try. They can just be printed on regular paper, right?


Use Acrobat Reader, Page Scaling: None, Auto-Rotate and Center

The thing I cannot get Multivalent to do (yet) is put a margin around the page edge. To get this 2 by 5 grid of 2 by 3.5 cards, I have to set a paper size of 10 by 7
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