Tracking Craft Ideas & Projects

I am looking for a way to organize my craft projects. I tend to get interested in something, begin putting together materials, then find a new project and so on. Months later, I may find the materials for the original project...which I have since forgotten.

Is there a template to help you keep track of carft/art ideas/etc.?

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Project forms


Any of the various project forms might help. There are 'list' types that you could record your project ideas, and there are 'detail' pages where you can record what you've bought/assembled for a given project as well as what you still need to obtain or do.

None of the forms I'm talking about are particularly tailored to crafty stuff, but they would probably serve the purpose.

The kits have Project pages and there are other submissions in the Template section that include Project pages as well. They come in various sizes and styles, you just have to poke around to find them.


I use this system and it's helped me

Dj - I am (was the same way).
I made a kind of 4-section hipster pda for my studio by circa-punching index cards.
The first section is for ideas (lists and single cards), the second for work in progress, with one card for each piece. When the piece is finished I move the card to section 3 and write down where it is - gallery, etsy, given away, sold (hopefully.)Section 4 is for anything else, reference etc., but I use it mostly to list paint and anything else I need to replace.
You can see a model of this that I'm offering for sale at etsy.