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Teach kids about mealtimes and chores or keep track of important dates with this refrigerator-door Family Planner.

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Teach young kids about time and keep track of important dates like school plays with this Family Planner. You can use the three clocks to indicate breakfast, lunch, and dinner time by shading the timespans. Use the grid at the bottom to keep track of anything: dates, chores, even checklists for kids going to school.

Lamination is optional, but can keep your planner safe from crayon marks and milk splashes. Laminate before filling in the grid, and keep a marker and rag handy.

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A family planner, not just for children...

Part of my free-time is taken up helping young adults with learning disabilities lead a more independent life. Your excellent tool, Sacha, will bring my clients closer to achieving their goal. Thank you.

Could use different name

Family planning has a whole different meaning:

I'm sure the humour was unintentional.

How about Chore planner or Family Activity Planner ?

The googling of template names...

No offence to Anonymous, but does anyone else find the googling of template names disturbing? I do hope we aren't dealing with a FC - GTD radical Fundamentalist ;)

I didn't google the template

I didn't google the template name. Also, I wasn't "looking" to make fun of the template. I provided URL so that others can "get" what I was trying to say.

I guess it is just a matter of how terms are used in different cultures. May be in US(?) "Family Planner" means just what the template is for, so it is not funny. But in other countries, it means something else.