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To the Open Office mail merge guru (diysara?), can you do a merge doc where your data sources are inserted into text boxes?

My problem is text placement on a flat, rule governed doc is too rigid, and doesn't match well to the template in the background.

Tips or tricks welcome.


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not this girl

I think Shris may be the mail merge pro :) I have not a clue on the issue. :( sawry.

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Make tables


I guess I'm the mail merge guru, since I posted the directions.

For myself, I use a table to properly position text, rather than floating text boxes. You can set the cells to be a fixed size and define where they go. You can merge and split the cells so that rows and columns don't have to line up in a restrictive grid. You can insert multiple small tables on a single page or use one giant table and futz with the cell borders til you get what you want. It behaves pretty well.

Anyway, I tried using a frame in a copy of a merge I had made already, and you *can* stick fields into a frame and they will adjust values for each record just like the regular text.

I can't really speak to the frame's behavior if stuff above the text box changes size, but I think you could lock the position of a box with a specific position relative to page or margins and it might stay put.


Try this...

A Link to a rather extensive example/tutorial by Shris
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