How does the Levenger Circa punch work: not kidding

I just received my punch from Levenger and it has a sliding guide. This guide does not seem to lock. Is that right? Seems like it should....

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the sliding guide on the desktop version (both rollabind and levenger) does not lock.

It should stay put when you line your paper up though. Mine takes a bit of force to move it to the proper setting.

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A guide ?

One that positions the paper ? Gee. Mine does not have that.

A picture, please ?
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I added a note to this flickr pic... LINK

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I gave up trying to figure

I gave up trying to figure out the markings on the desktop punch. I use one of prepunched circa pages to line things up everytime I need to use it.
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i do that or just center stuff and punch. :)

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I have the Rollabind punch, and it has marks for A4 and US Letter. I used a sharpie to add dark marks on the slider for A5, and a couple other sizes to boot. That way I'm consistent across batches. BTW, the Rollabind has indents on the slider, and marks. As you slide it, it clicks into place on each of those marks. Very well designed, and implemented.


The same batch?

My experience with a Rollabind punch is different even though Jon and I sourced our punches at the same time; indeed Jon has physically held my punch for a few moments. ;-)

I like the idea of scribing additional marks. An A5 stop would be really useful for my Rollabound planner to replace my A5 filoFax. And I've started to experiment with 8x6 index cards too for a commonplace/reminder book.

I too want the same batch to be identical when I punch even if the same batch punch doesn't perform equally as Jon's. Actually I want all batches to be identical. It offends my eye when filing papers that have been punched slightly differently.


I have a Lev punch and it doesn't have any labeled marks, but there are a series of unlabled hash marks. I've highlited the ones I need for Classic, 3x5(both orientations) and Letter with different color Sharpies. I agree tht the stops are not super hard & fast, but it hasn't moved on me while in use. I think I also may have slightly bent the slider so it wan't too loose. I can't recall anymore.

I never finish anyth

PS: I see the edit button is back - yay!

Ah ! The Desktop Punch

For some reason I thought we were talking about the portable
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paper guide

from Jerry

I bent it upward slightly and it sticks ok now.


I got mine today..

...and I wonder what those two little red plastic "beads" are for...anyone?

They make it so you can

They make it so you can close the box it came in. I wish i still had the ones that came with the punch i bought a few months ago but they were promptly stolen by my puppy.
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I bought my punch from a person on Ebay... they were just tossed in the box so I figured it was extra decoration :) They live with my extra discs currently as my punch sits on my coffee table, ready for action (or to be used as a blunt object if someone B&Es).

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Needs some guidance

The stop on my Rollabind punch isn't exactly precise. I think they are intended solely as a guide not as a fence. Once set it doesn't appear to move but the action does not leave me with a great sense of confidence.

The A4 mark on mine is slightly out of alignement. Or rather if I set the stop at the A4 mark then the holes are punched ever-so-slightly out of line; I need to adjust it a couple of millimeters further in to get an asethic balance to the location of the holes.