New Printer Suggestions

I'm looking at purchasing a new printer and wanting to find a good all around performer. Have you been using a great printer that prints straight and has been hassle free. Let me know. Any input from your own experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

This new machine will be used primarily for planner printing, since outside of that I print little. So, I need it to print classic 1up templates and index card/custom printing would be a real plus. It could be inkjet or laser. And I'd like to stay under $200.

Update: I purchased a HP LaserJet 1018; it works great! I can easily print the 1up pages and it's fast. I got it from OfficeDepot with two rebates bringing the cost down to about $58, including tax. Will be waiting for my rebates but that's fine with me. Not color but don't really need color printing.

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I love my HP1020 laser

I love my HP1020 laser printer. It's behaving really well after two years now...


I've been looking at the HP 1020 and the 1018. It seems that they are very much alike. Have you been able to print half sheets (classic) pages from the paper tray? What about graphics? How do planner pages look?

Thanks for your input.

Humm, I think I have printed

Humm, I think I have printed half-pages without a problem, and all sorts of half-pages for that matter (not just preprogrammed sizes). Graphics look better than on my older HP 1100. It's a very decent printer, for not-too-complex needs I think.

I use the print-on-both-sides function all the time, which I think is a lot better than on other personal printers I've tried... Very reliable.

Brother printers are workhorses for me

I have an older Brother HL-1435 that does what it does well - no problems and - more importantly on a day-to-day basis for me - no fussiness. It's a nice basic laser printer that hasn't let me down. I've printed half sheets from the paper cassette, but 3x5 index cards need to be fed through the manual slot. They print fine, though. This printer is attached to an Airport Express, which means I can print wirelessly from anywhere in the house. I usually use a Mac, but we have both Macs and PCs in the house and both print just fine. (The PCs need Bonjour from Apple, but that installation is very quick.)

I also have a newer Brother HL-2040 that is pretty much the same printer only in a tad smaller form.

My experience with HP laserjets is that I have an older one (a 1220), but find they run much too hot for my taste. Other than that, they seem very reliable.