Is the Circa/Rollabind Portable Punch worth having?

The guide seems a bit long for carrying in my travel bag, and the comments on it at Levenger's site are decidedly mixed. Does anyone here use it and carry it with them on business trips? What does it weigh? Can you use the punch part without the guide?

Thanks for any wisdom you can impart.

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If punching anything longer

If punching anything longer than the short side of an index card, the guide is a mustT The smurfs have to have the even spacing.
I think it is worth having. For about 5 years, it was my only Circa punch. I have not carried it much as I am My Kids' Mom.
A few months ago I caught a good deal on a Rolla Desk Punch and a bunch of disks, so I now have both.

I am a notebook junkie.