NEW Circa "Engineer" Notebook, no refills or micropda refills


but there are still no refills for the micro pda circa, and there are no refills for this notebook.

i dont need the entire notebook but i could use 50 or 100 Junior Size refill sheets. for my knitting.

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print your own?

There are many pdf generators out there that will allow you to customize the type of grid/graph paper and print your own.

Just a thought :) link to one / link to others

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yeah i did think about it.

yeah i did think about it. i am not really that excited printing my own. printer is puttering out. However, i can always print some stuff at work.

which paper do you guys get for the junior size print your own?

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

24 lb

I prefer 24lb paper for everything. It's sturdier and brighter.
Office Depot and Office Max will cut a ream in half for you for a couple dollars extra. Then you have 1,000 sheets!

24 lb also goes through the printer in classic size Much better than 20lb will. The 20lb paper will wad itself up in the feeder. Argh!! (On my printer, this is called "Statement" size.)

I am a notebook junkie.

Even a little heavier is nice

Specifically, I'm using Staples 28lb heavyweight paper, very smooth, takes printer ink and pen exceptionally well. Great stuff. I use it as is, letter-size.
And I, too, am a notebook junkie...should we start a support group? Or is this it? :-)

This is it

This is it, heavdog.

Or this may be an enabler's group.

What do y'all think?

I am a notebook junkie.

Maybe both?

Can a support group enable as well?
And what about regular meetings?

It's both

This group supports our notebook habit, therefore enabling the continued acquisition of said paper containing items. (??)

As for meetings, here they're 24-7.

I am a notebook junkie.

An alternate view

In his seminal book "Exploratory Data Analysis" John Tukey wrote that pre-printed graph paper was unsuitable to ever be of use. His disciple Edward Tufte, in various books such as The Visual Display of Quantative Infomration, similarly suggests that pre-printed graph paper is still unsuitable. Basically grid lines are too intrusive and a better graph can be drawn on plain paper using a pencil and ruler.

what about?

Perhaps dropping the contrast down to the point the lines are similar to pencil... I have an idea I'm working -my Project Keeper book- and I'm leaning towards this type of 'graph' paper over the traditional store bought cheap stuff I can't seem to keep from ripping these days. :)

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Points of interest

Tukey, at least, points out that the points being plotted are the important points --- could I stress that enough? ;-) And quoting he says that we should "suppress the rulings of the graph paper" (EDA page 127). The problem seems to be that US ruled graph paper may be ruled in 4s, 6s, 8s, or 12s; UK ruled graph paper is usually 10s but might be 5s.

Overal still better to avoid ruled graph paper entirely. Though personally logarithmic scales might be useful.

Tukey suggests that if you want to use ruled graph paper then place it under tracing paper on which you will actually draw the graph. That way the rules are not distracting either when drawing or looking at the graph.

Cheap is nasty

... the traditional store bought cheap stuff ...

Tukey is very scathing of cheap graph paper. Saying avoid "dime-store" sheets with only two thicknesses of uling and, above all, avoid quadrille sheets with only one. Tukey EDA, page 129. But does comment that quadrille sheets are very useful, for almost everything except plotting graphs (my emphasis) op cit

but like grids. :(

well i think this particular graph circa is for drawing. for writing i agree.

but i will say even when writting i like the grids, my hand writing is pretty messy so the grips help me get order by doing my own systematic tab system and so on.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

tufte was right

For years I used graph paper (actually, quadrille paper) for everything. One day I ran out of it and couldn't find it quickly, so I reached for blank paper. I can't believe the huge difference it made. My handwriting changed, I could doodle effectively, and I began to connect more thoughts critically and creatively. Who knew?


Tufte reading

Edward Tufte is worth reading for a number of reasons. His most recent claim to fame being serious criticisms of PowerPoint (and Keynote) as causing faux thinking. He was brought in by NASA after the Columbia diaster and highlighted nearly 20 errors on just one PowerPoint slide. A slide that was effectively the death warrant of the astronauts onboard that shuttle. In The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint Tufte examines that particular slide and highlights all the mis-leading, dubious, and dangerous items it incluses. After reading that booklet you won't ever want to use PowerPoint again. The other failing of PowerPoint (and Keynote) is the lack of any way to present tables of information. Oh yes and Tufte also identifies the real cause of the loss of Columbia --- the safety people never imagined that such a large lump of frozen foam insulation would ever break off.

Tufte's books: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (2ed 2001), Envisioning Information (1997), Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative (1990) and the recent Beautiful Evidence (2006) should appeal to most users here. Beautiful Evenidence includes the latest version of The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint. They are a joy to touch as well as to read.

which one first?

Great information. At work we often have too much data to present and don't really know how to show it in a way that clarifies the important issues. We use matlab to create the graphs and paste them into powerpoint (not that easy because the two programs are running on two different computers with two different operating systems -- ugh).

My question: which of these books should I start with?

Reading order

There isn't really any specific order but I think that Tufte recommends the order I used in my earlier post. And personally I'd start with Visual Display because it covers the widest range of topics. The later books focus on (more) specific issues.

You might also want to visit his web-forum at Discussion of pretty much any topic related to the display of data is covered. And there are pre-prints of some material from some of his books.

I recommend the essay on PowerPoint to everyone; if you can't wait then go look at the web site of Peter Norvig (CTO at Google) for one particularly well-crafted example of how PowerPoint and its ilke dumb down discourse. And take especial note in the Tufte forums that daily military briefings are based on PowerPoint "presentations".

Beware the forum

Oh yes, one think I feel duty bound to say about Tufte's forums ... well the software used to host it --- Drupal it ain't. Shame that someone so hot on good well-thought out presentation for data picks such poor software to support discussing his work.

Thanks for the visual info

Wow, a great couple of days to be an engineer. Levenger put out a circa engineering notebook and I've got a good lead on how to better represent data. Of course, due to graph paper discussions above, one may negate the other, but I'm still happy.

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Question for Rasmussen

Both the paper catalog and the web are not giving me a good picture of the paper in the engineer's notebook. I want to know how dark the lines are on the grid. I have a project coming up where I'm going to be deriving some equations and I'd love to use this notebook. The grid lines on the regular Levenger paper are a bit too dark for pencil and I have to do math in an erasable medium. Can I get a close-up picture of the paper. Or does Levenger offer a sample pack? I know Chicago is only four hours away from Ann Arbor, but I don't drive well in cities.

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i also have a question does

i also have a question

does Ryan know if they will ever offer refills of this and other circa paper in smaller portions. a sample pack of 50 or 100 sheets of all the paper styles particularly this one.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.