Levenger v. Rollabind - customer service

Levenger wins, hands down.

Some of you may have read my post "Rollabind shipping times" in which I wondered how long it normally takes to get a punch from Rollabind.com. Short version: I ordered their Deluxe Crafters Kit (desktop punch and assorted discs) on 7/23. When I'd heard nothing after two weeks, I started calling them. I spent about two more weeks getting the runaround from them, until I finally asked for a refund on 8/16. I'm still waiting for that (my bank says I have to give Rollabind 30 days to come up with the refund before the bank is allowed to charge it back).

So, on 8/23, I ordered the desktop Circa punch and some discs from Levenger. On 8/24, they sent me an email with the tracking number with which they shipped my order, and it arrived yesterday. Yay! Now I can start printing and smurfing my own stuff!

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

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i love levenger but slow shipping times.

my first few orders came, you know, a little slow but i was getting free shipping from an offer they had in may so i could not really complain.

but i will say this now the shipping times are SLOW.

i placed an order on 08/23/07

it contained:

True Writer Highlighter - Yellow /AP12315 YL
Special Pen Shipping - Ground Service $6.00 /PENPHGND
22 Circa X-Large Rings (1 1/2") Black /ADS4810 BK

there was no tracking number on the site.
when i called today to ask about the hold up they said it had shipped (yes i can see that on the web page) and not to expect it here before Saturday the first! what do they ship it with MULE. i mean really.

i could have walked there, made the highlighter myself, and come back in that time. :) lol.

but seriously. thats a long time.

I can relate

I can totally understand your frustration with that. I was actually surprised to get my order so fast. With ground shipping, from Mississippi to California, I had expected it to be closer to a week. I was also surprised that they shipped it as soon as they did - the next day.

I hope your order arrives soon...

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Yeah it is annoying the mail

Yeah it is annoying the mail came today and it was not in the mail. grrr. i dont think i will see it before next week.

thats slow for something that same that costs 11$ to ship.
Levenger stole ALL of my money, but the left with all these nice, shiny organizational tools.