found a great hPDA case

I found a great case today for my hPDA. It is the PlanAhead flip-top notepad with calculator, 3"x5". It was at CVS for only $2.99. It is a faux leather cover that, as you may have suspected, flips up to open. The top inside has a calculator. The bottom had a 3x5 pad of paper. I used a couple of Levenger sampler cards, circafied some blank 3x5 cards on the short end, used some small rings I got from Wilde Ideas to hold them together, and slid the last one into the slot where the notepad had been. Works like a charm. It even has a pen/pencil loop on the side. You could probably use the next size up rings but nothing too big or it wouldn't close. I put some photos at flickr.

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Ya know I saw those during my last office aisle visit at CVS and thought about the possibilities... great to see it works and it looks great too!

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