My Circa Setup, I want to know yours so i can learn more.


I wanted to learn more about what sort of setup you guys have with your circa systems to learn more about different ways to use it. I want my analog life to be as organized as my MacBook Pro.

So here goes:

Wine Journal (I work in a wine shop)
Junior, ruled sheets, 1.5 inch rings with monthly tabs.

Work Agenda
Junior, leather jacket (old size), monogrammed, ruled sheets, 1.5 inch rings, calendar monthly tabs, Color tabs, notes, tab, business card holder (12 cards), sudoku

Home Agenda
Junior, ruled, 3/4 inch rings (3 sections, agenda w/ to do lists, knitting patterns, books read)

Wine Class Notebook
Letter, grid and lined sheets, 3x5 holder sheets

Hipster PDA
PDA, leather, monogrammed, grid cards

Desk Punch
5 page markers
3 MicroPDA (one clipped to wallet for a circa wallet writer).

well now that i write it out its pretty full but i still want to know what you guys have and what you are using your circa for. what are some uses i may not have thought of.

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Other uses


I have a few books you don't have.

Scratch pad
made of misprints cut down to 1/2 letter, top bound with a heavily printed grid pasted to the backerboard as guidelines for the page I'm using.

Web site passwords
Quarter-letter, side bound, made of forms I created. Sorted into sections "Work", "Web", and "Financial". I actually only keep password hints in it so I'm not really afraid to have someone else see it.

Kid art
The kids bring home art on various sizes of paper, so I've got a couple of giant books to collect it in. Anything that's not big enough or square enough to punch directly gets glued to a letter size piece of plain paper. These are about 10x15.

Project folders
File folders (I use a few colors) are punched to become 'binders'. Discs keep the papers inside in the right order, oldest to the back. These carry meeting notes, plans, etc.

Temporary Archive book
During the month (each day), I pull out each daily page from my planner and stick it on the archive book until the end of the month. At the end of the month, the pages are removed from the discs and rubber-banded for longer-term storage. They're thrown out a few months later. Classic size, like my planner.

Sudoku puzzles
I had a page-a-day puzzle calendar. I got behind, so I pulled out the pages and punched a few to stuff in my purse for 'waiting' times.

House-buying notebook
Letter-size, holds pictures of the place, the contract, old deeds and copies of other official documents, financial papers from the bank, a rough floor plan, inspection reports, maps, loan information, and any other papers I get or create related to the house. Dividers are cardstock, blue sheets I had around. Tabs are just post-it flags with handwritten titles. It's all bound together on a plastic back. After the closing, I'll pull out the discs and stuff it all into a big envelope, probably, for filing.

House-selling notebook
Letter-size, holds copies of a few recent bills (electric and taxes, primarily), manuals for major appliances that are included, copies of old official documents. There will also be a photo album showing a major kitchen remodel we did a few years back, but this won't be Rolla bound. Anyway, the book will be sitting on the kitchen counter during showings so the potential buyers can see the information.


nice i like you ideas.

nice i like you ideas.