Blank Circa Paper!!!!

Has anyone else noticed that there are now refills of completely blank circa paper availible? Did this just happen recently? My sad little student budget can't afford this, unfortunately,but when I can you better believe all diy forms will be printed on that lovely paper.

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Blank Circa Paper


I ordered blank refills in October. They were hard to locate on the website at that time...Levenger listed them as refills for the now defunct (I think) "Circamagine" notebooks...
Here's the catalog info from my order then:
300 Circa Sheets Refill, Junior - Plain /ADS3140 PL

I apparently missed them

I apparently missed them entirely. I just started using circa a couple months ago but have looked the site over pretty closely. I now feel quite silly for my excited proclamation of the obvious.
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Dont feel silly

Please don't feel silly...I got lucky and came across them while wasting time snooping around.
Goofy ;}

I missed them too.

It's not just you...

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Caligatia, it's nice to know

Caligatia, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I figured it was my add attention span. I was so excited partially because I remembered a thread on here about the lack of blank circa paper ( at least I thought I remembered it. maybe it was just the unpunched paper that was missing.)
I've lost myself and gone to find me, if I get back before I get here, please ask me to wait. -author unknown

Blank paper

Rollabind also offers blank pages. Very surprisingly, when you buy the refills from Rollabind, they cost about the same as from Levenger, about 10 cents a sheet. BUT, if you buy a notebook from Rollabind, you get 100 sheets of paper (plus the notebook), for about 6 cents a sheet. Also, I disagree with some posters here -- I think the quality of Rollabind paper is quite good.


To be honest, I prefer the Rollabind paper to Levenger's. It's a little thicker, and I like the way it feels under my fingertips.

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DIY forms and Circa blank paper vs Canon iP4300

I got a some of this paper to try. I had mixed success with the iP4300. The autofeed in the back only produced about 25% successful printouts. The cassette was better at 75% good printouts.

My idea of success is not more then one cutout ripped out per sheet and printed on both sides. I'm going to stick with cutting a ream in half and punching as I go. I'm going to try using the blanks for brainstorming projects.

I tried with the "Prevent paper abrasion" on and off, no difference. YMMV with other printers etc.

Print then "smurf"

Saves much grief.
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Print then "smurf"

Agreed. I think I've got all the pieces of dead smurfs out of the printer... ;-)

My printer (lexmark

My printer (lexmark something, photo all in one) hasn't had any problem with prepunched sheets. Haven't tried heavier paper but copy paper goes through just fine.
Save the dodo!

Circa vs. Rollabind paper in HP PSC1315 all-in-one

I've tried both Circa and Rollabind paper in my printer. It is an HP PSC1315 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Both brands did fine if I feed them through one page at a time with the smurfs on the left-hand side. The Rollabind page gets caught and mangled nearly every time with the smurfs on the right hand side. Levenger paper works fine about 90% of the time with the smurfs on the right hand side. Once more - both of these need to be fed through one sheet at a time. Any more than one sheet with either brand and the pages get snagged on each other.

For prototyping ideas I'll use whatever index cards and printer paper I have laying around and Circa-punch it.


How many sheets are in the

How many sheets are in the package?

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