Rollabind/Circa Punch...

Where's the best place (I guess cheapest or most economical) to buy a desktop punch?
MC2 has no more and then most places I have talked to today are out of stock.


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Wilde Ideas

...has the desktop punch for 56.95 (Rolla, not Circa)
Go here:
It doesn't show as out of stock - hopefully this means they have them.
Hope this helps!

You might want to call first

I just received an email from Wilde Ideas this evening saying they could no longer supply the portable punch I ordered two weeks ago and that it was discontinued. I'm waiting on a response to see if they are able to fulfill the rest of my order (I need those discs!!!).

Wilde Ideas has too limited stock

I've written off Wilde-Ideas as a place to do business with. They have a beautiful website and a lot of nice looking products, but I've placed orders and nothing I wanted was in stock.

I feel a business should list if something is out of stock. Or they should tell you immediately, not wait till you call them as I ended up doing each time. They never had a date when the out-of-stock items would be back in stock -- not even a ballpark estimate!

From talking with someone at their phone #, it appears they have very little (if anything) in stock, but take orders and then order from someone else to cover the orders they've received. It would be nice if we could discover their supplier. Then we could cut out the middle man and order direct.

I had the same problem...

I had the same problem with, which I thought would be the surest place to get it. Today, after a month of being led around the back-order bush, I finally asked for a refund. Once that clears, I'll get the punch from Levenger.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

My experience was just the opposite.

I ordered five colors of the small rings (as well as some other craft supplies) and they arrived within days.

I've heard other say they've had no problem with the rings

but I had also ordered the desktop punch, and that was out of stock. Had I known that when I was placing hte order, I'd have ordered it somewhere else in the first place.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Levenger prices...

FYI, if anyone is interested, I am sending a family member to the Delray store this afternoon to pick up a desktop punch and they have them on sale if you buy 2 or more for $49. Not huge savings, but you would only need to add on actual shipping costs. Unless you live in the Phoenix area where you could arrange pickup.
Just wanted to throw that out there.