MC2 Orders

Hi All,
Just got off the phone with the folks at MC2, ordering some Rolla disks. I mentioned that I had called because it was my understanding I couldn't get the 50% off Rolla when ordering online. He said that was not true - the site shows full price but they actually charge the discounted rates.

Good info so I'm passing it along!


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RE: MC2 Orders

Do you mind posting the Web site address?

Thanks for the info!



Beat me to it!

Sara, do you sit and wait for your chance to post a link or what??

FYI, the company is based up in Canada, so if you charge your purchase to a credit card (depending upon your card company) you may see an extra charge for the currency exchange - from the card company directly, not mc2.

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She has practiced...

against me, seeing who can post a link first.

Sara, you go, girl !!
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too true hun... i'm trying to really enjoy this time i've been given. still looking for a perfect match employment wise. I have to do some follow up calls but so far no one has tugged on my line so to speak :/ eh...more time to eat ice cream and work on side projects :D

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