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When my son was born in October 2005 I began to think about how little I knew about my parents past. What were they like when they were younger, how did they feel when I was born, where did they live, who were their friends, etc... So I started to think about my own life in a timeline. I started piecing together information in different categories - where I went to school, where we lived growing up, events in my life, travel, occupation, etc... After gathering all the information I began to put it into a timeline so I developed these blank templates for making my timeline and I thought I would share them with others interested in timelining so they could benefit from them.

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Timeline - One Year Blank Form.pdf7.66 KB
Timeline - Two Year Blank Form.pdf7.76 KB
Timeline - Three Year Blank Form.pdf7.57 KB
Timeline - Five Year Blank Form.pdf7.48 KB
Timeline - Ten Year Blank Form.pdf7.44 KB
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Wonderful idea!

These pages are great! We homeschool and I've been collecting forms for when my kids start their own timeline notebooks. These are great for indepth studies of historical periods. I can easily change the categories. If anyone is interested, I'd love to share, when I get it done.

I also am the family historian, and these will be wonderful for studying family members lives. :)


yes, I'd be interested to see how u incorporated the pdfs into your timeline.

I am also a homeschool parent, my son is also doing timelines.

How would u do a topic on 'a History about me' using this timeline?

Thank u.

Dear homeschooling parent,

Dear homeschooling parent,

Please write out "you" instead of using "u". The use of "u" is incredibly annoying and sort of ridiculous. I sure hope you are following the conventions of standard English with your home schooled children.

Dear Annoyed Anonymous

This is an online forum. Such abbreviation is common and acceptable.
I would direct your attention here:

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Personal Timeline Template

Hi I need help creating and finding the right template for a personal time line assignment I have. Any suggestions????????????

Great Idea, those Personal Timelines Templates!

Adult80d - These would be great conversation/memory/daydream starters!

The 'catagories' are nice to break it down. (Each of us could add or subtract from that managable list.) When I've thought about tackling a personal history or lifelist or something like this, it has always seemed too overwhelming!

One could easily start with the 5 or 10 year form and note 1 or 2 main items under each topic. Then grab the two year form or one year form (along with old calendars or photo boxes or files) and start filling in more time-specific details.

This will make some great times with my wife or brothers or Mom & Dad!


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Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle

Excellent! Thank you for these.

I agree, these are going to be fun for the whole family.



I've been looking like crazy for something like this, but I was thinking more along the lines of a computer program. Has anyone found one?


Using Excel for the TimeLine

I have been looking for a way to "document my past" as well. I recently stumbled upon my archive of paper calendars dating back to 1988. THAT is great fun going through!
Now I want to have that information in a more "workable" format. Some place I can easily look up events etc.

I finally decided on an Excel setup. One workbook for all timelines, one sheet for each year and - for now - brief notifications of events in the cells.
Days (1-31) are entered in column A, ascending. Months are in row one populating 12 columns (B-M).

I believe I will need to add extra sheets for special comments and use Excels Hyperlink formula to jump from a dated cell to a comment.
This will be a work in progress and a lot of decisions will have to be made as I go, but I am very curious as to how it is going to turn out. It may as well be a never-ending work as the setup will constantly be changing.

I have considered using MindManager as well but I like what I can do in Excel - for now.

I will be using some of the categories from the PDFs above as well as they trigger other thoughst. (Question: what would you put in the Life Span category?)

A word of "caution"; diving into old calendar entries trigger a lot of different memories! Quite a ride! :-)


Might make certain tasks more bearable...

Hmm... I think I just realized how to make the long-undone photo-organizing (old paper photos, of course!) a lot easier!

- customizing Filofax Personal -