Circa/Rollabind Canada?

This topic may have been covered before but I need to ask, are Rollabind or Circa products available in Vancouver, Canada?

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Hi Richard, I am in

Hi Richard,

I am in Vancouver too and, to my knowledge, there are no Rolla products available in a store in town. Circa (Levenger) products are exclusively available from Levenger stores (in the US only) or online (expensive shipping, but customs are cared for and it's always efficient).

I have ordered Rolla disks and punches from . It's not indicated on their web site, but until recently they had a 50% discount on everything Rolla. You have to call to get the discount. Bob Valentine at MC2 offered me great service and shipping costs were okay. They are located in Montreal so it simplifies things somewhat. They do not sell notebooks, but once you have the punch and disks you can do anything you want. :)

You might be able to find Clairefontaine Clairing notebooks (same concept) at a stationery store near you. Sophia Books on Hastings (an international bookstore) might have a bigger selection of Clairefontaine, hence more of a chance for you to find Clairing.

Good luck!

Rollabind @ MC2

I just got off the phone with MC2. They don't have any desk punches left except for the very expensive models. They are still offering 50% off though.
I'm just getting a GTD system started and was hoping to go Rollabind/Circa, but I'm hesitant to order from Levinger because of the shipping and duties problems people have mentioned. Any ideas out there?

The shipping costs are

The shipping costs are steep, but duties are usually not a problem. They collect GST at the source (when you purchase an item) which facilitates customs, and they seem to have a magic deal with Fedex. (I would understand why Fedex would want to keep them as customers, too.) I've read somewhere of an event where the customer WAS charged customs and later reimbursed by Levenger for the blunder.

I was reluctant to do it, but I think it's a good investment.

duties - Canada : Shipping


I understand that the error that caused the GST/Duties to be charged by FedEx at arrival has been resolved. If for any reason it did recur, we'll make things right for you, or anyone else that experiences the double-billing.


Levenger to Canada

Thanks for the quick replies. This seems to be a great community from what I've seen so far!
I feel a lot more confident ordering now. I'm going to take the plunge and order a desk punch and some disks. That way I can make my own DIY planner and also my students (Grade 3/4) can make inquiry journals and sketchbooks.


The kids might like

the more colorful disks from Rolla (sorry Ryan). My daughter loves the ones in pink and translucent blue. She has made small index card notebooks for each of her classes to put in things like formulas, definitions, etc. that she'll need to refer to frequently.

Questions for Ryan


I am a researcher working in a chemistry lab in the University of Kansas. Recently our resesearch group decided that we need change our lab notebook system. We have been using National Brand record books for so many years. However, it is very hard to scan them and keep a digital copy of them. We plan to use loose-leaf system on the new labbooks. I came across Circa system on and think it is very interesting. Personally I also want to update my planner. I have tried different other type of planers (including digital planners) before, but none of them really worked perfectly. I want to try diyplanner. It would be great if I can combine my work projects, plans and labnote books in one book so I don't have to carry several notebooks to lab or meetings. Circa system combined with diyplanner sounds like a really good way to do it. I live in Lawrence, Kansas. I have searched all the office supply stores in town in last week, but cannot find any one carry either Circa or Rollabind product. Since I didn't see the real product of Circa, I have some questions.

1. How well the Circa system holds the papers, do they pop out easily?

2. If I need to take papers in and out the notebook a few times, would that make the holes on the paper too loose to be bound together?

3. Do you have notebook combined with calender? For notebook, letter size is preferred. For calender, smaller size paper is better, but it is not a big issue.

4. Is there anyway I can get a sample of that type of notebooks if your company has them.

Thank you very much for your help.


answers to some of your questions

I'm not Ryan, but I was one of the people who jumped on the Circa bandwagon and love them. I can answer a few of your questions.

1. The Circa system holds papers great and it is pretty easy to pop them in and out. If you go to and click on the Circa section, there is a "Circa 1-2-3" section that includes pictures and I think even video of how to insert and remove pages.

2. You can pop pages in and out as much as you want as long as you don't mangle the "wings". Moving pages about a dozen times should be OK, doing it on a daily basis may cause problems.

3. The wonderful thing about Circa/Rollabind systems is that you can put any smaller pages in a bigger notebook. Levenger sells a calendar called the "Agenda". You could buy a letter size notebook and put smaller calendar pages in it. Either Levenger's Agenda in a smaller size or print out your own diyplanner calendar pages and use the Levenger Circa punch and "smurf" the pages.

4. This is where you'll need to talk to Ryan ;-)

If you're interested, I have entirely too many pictures of things I've done with my Circa notebooks as well as pictures of the sampler from Levenger.


Reinforced pages

Levenger has reinforcement strips you can put on the pages you use most. I haven't tried those but scotch tape works just fine for me, you will need a punch for that though. But once you try circa, you'll want one anyway.
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Thanks for the answers

Thank you so much for the answers, very clear. I am so ready to try Circa notebooks now.

Do you have Staples in Vancouver?

Rolla notebooks appeared and disappeared at Staples stores a while back, and recently they reappeared. The manager at the Staples store in which I bought the newer books, which are much improved and seem to be more sturdy than the "test market" versions, are now a permanent fixture at Staples. He informed me they would carry the line permanently due to high levels of requests from people who were lucky enough to find them in the first place. I assume (and hope) he's right, although I did stock up just in case they stop. These notebooks and all the accesories are made in Canada (NOT Mainland China for a change) so they should be available in Vancouver at some time in the near future.

Not here

Staples Canada does not carry Rolla. Despite some of the products being made here.

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